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Published: September 13, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Team Liquid’s CEO talked to fans about what’s been happening behind the scenes
  • The organization’s “superteam” did not fare as expected
  • He promised the team will train harder for the 2023 season

Steve “LiQuiD112” Arhancet. Team Liquid’s co-CEO, explained to fans that the organization plans to keep its existing LoL roster and train harder for the 2023 season.

Team Liquid Did Not Fair Too Well This Season

Sports teams’ success ebbs and flows and it seems Team Liquid has recently been at a low point in its performance. The organization’s co-owner and co-CEO Steve “LiQuiD112” Arhancet recently addressed fans of Liquid’s League of Legends team’s fans about what has recently been going on behind the scenes. 

For this season, Team Liquid had assembled what, on paper at least, should have been one of the best rosters ever brought together in professional League of Legends. The squad consisted of five veteran League players, all of whom had experience on both the domestic and international stages. Their achievements include reaching the World Championship at some point in the last two seasons.  

Despite the great outlook, the team did not perform as expected. Arhancet explained that the strategy of building “superteams” consisting of veterans worked for the organization in the past, but he also said that “times are changing.” This could be seen in the fact that Team Liquid’s hopes were dashed by a loss to Evil Geniuses last weekend, barring them entry to the Worlds. 

What Are Team Liquid’s Plans for 2023?

Any good esports organization worth its salt has to adapt to changing trends in the sport and learn from its mistakes. Arhancet talked a bit about what Team Liquid is going to do to improve for the 2023 season. 

Next year, the organization aims to “[double] down on some of the areas where we’ve seen incredible success so far, and also the opportunity to build players using the Team Liquid infrastructure rather than this concept of building superteams,” the CEO said. 

Because Team liquid will concentrate on working hard with its existing players, only one of them – support Jo “CoreJJ” Yong-in – will be leaving the team during the off-season to become a free agent. The rest of Liquid’s current squad will stay with the organization, partly because the players’ contracts extend into 2023 and 2024. 

CoreJJ will be joined in his free agency status by Academy players Haeri, Yeon, and Eyla when their contracts expire on November 22.

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