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Published: January 23, 2024

Written by: Barney

  • T1 is primed to win its game against Kt Rolster according to bookmakers
  • Kt Rolster has so far performed better, but they played arguably weaker opponents
  • We feel the odds are too good to pass on an underdog bet on Kt here

The upcoming match up on Friday, January 26 between Kt Rolster and T1 has the two teams hoping to eke out another win and climb further up the pecking order. KT will be doing their best to catch up to the group leaders, Hanwha Life Esports and Gen.G Esports, while T1 will want to further set itself apart from the other teams that ended up tied with a single win and a loss during the first games of the LCK 2024 Group Stage.

Kt Rolster vs T1 Betting Odds

Kt Rolster4.31

Where to Watch Kt Rolster vs T1?

  • Watch: Twitch
  • Time: 10:15 am
  • Place: Online

Kt Rolster Betting Preview

Kt Rolster has had a very good showing so far in the series. The team played two series so far in the LCK Spring 2024, sweeping FOX and DK both, although the team did admit to DK in the first game, but made up for that by bringing in the following two for a total of 2-1 against the opponents on Sunday, January 21.

What we saw was a poised team that played well together and showed a level of cooperation that set them apart. They are somewhat unfairly posted as a heavy underdog in their upcoming matchup against T1 and we think this is good for anyone who is looking to bet on Kt Rolster in the Friday Bo3 series.

Rolster has only lost a single game so far, but they have admittedly not played against Gen.G or Hanwha just yet, whereas T1 already had a crack at Gen.G and lost twice in the series.

T1 Betting Preview

T1 Betting may be in an overall worse position when you look at the pure stats, but they also had a shorter draw and had to go up against Gen.G. Despite that, T1 pried away a single win in the series, bringing last week’s game to Game 3.

The team went through Freecs without any issues in their next showing, but they won’t be playing any more until their game against Kt Rolster on Friday, which puts them in an interesting position. On the one hand, we saw that T1 is playing and able to go toe-to-toe with Gen.G, but then again, we cannot ask you to wager on them when the odds on Rolster are so good.

We just don’t see the edge for T1 being so great in the first place. They are good, but there are a few moments in their game that still betray hesitance and they seem to be a little out of shape, and not the team we saw win the 2023 Worlds.


Kt Rolster has had fewer challenging opponents so far in the Group Stage, but we find the odds of 4.31 to be just too good to miss out on the underdog. Besides, Kt Rolster has lost a single game, and although T1 put a lot of fight, they are still two down. They did go the distance with some of the leaders in the group, but we still have a very good feeling about Kt’s prospects for the upcoming game.

Pick: Pick Kt Rolster to Win

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