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Published: March 7, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • T1 beats KT Rolster, marking 14 successive wins for the former
  • The team matches their own record from 2015
  • The win did not come easy to T1

In a hard-fought match against KT Rolster, T1 managed to secure its 14th victory this LCK Spring Split, matching their record from 2015.

T1 Marks 14 Wins This Spring Split

With a clean 2-0 score from the latest Telecom war rematch, T1 emerges victorious against KT Rolster, marking its 14th successive victory in this LCK. T1 remains undefeated, not dropping a single series in the LCK, and also matched their own record set in 2015, when they were playing under the SK Telecom T1 name.

Perhaps this event should come to the surprise of no one, as T1 (or SK Telecom T1 before the rebranding) has been one of the most decorated League of Legends esports organizations. It has three World Championships, two Mid-Season Invitationals, and several LCK splits under its belt.

Just a few weeks ago, T1 won their 10th successive match of the season, with Faker and Keria setting records. Faker especially was also instrumental for the team’s success in 2015, when it won the Worlds, became a finalist for the MSI and the LCK Spring Split, and won the LCK Summer Split.

T1’s Victory Did Not Come Easy

KT put up a fight by catching their opponents in the jungle at the start of the first game, forcing T1 into disadvantaged fights. To counter this, T1 played their lane strongly, building a significant lead to secure objectives and towers. Both teams traded kills by skirmishing, but KT took a team fight before the third dragon, snowballing their lead to secure the Baron.

However, T1 made several strong team fights, ensuring a solid lead in the late game. They had numbers on their side and with a long death cooldown on the opponents, T1 seized the opportunity to take the first game.

In the second game, KT once again took the lead by first blood on Zeus. They even excelled at team fights against T1, seemingly being ready to answer all of T1’s engages attempts. However, as the game rolled on, T1 began trading kills and gaining dragons to stay in the match.

Eventually, at 28 minutes, KT tried to choke T1, who was on the wrong side of the map. However, T1’s superior precision on the macros and skills won them that encounter. This in turn gave the team much-needed momentum, which allowed it to punish every one of KT’s moves. At 33 minutes, Aiming’s Kai’Sa mistakenly jumped into the enemy backline and immediately got punished by T1 who won the team fight. This gave the team an open window to close out the series with a clean 2-0.

T1’s victory marks the end of the seventh week of the LCK Spring Split 2022, with the next game being on March 9 between DRX and Nongshim RedForce.

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