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Published: December 21, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The company will provide data-analysis solutions to the newly found organization
  • It already had a deal with EXCEL Esports one of the constituents of the new org
  • “We have found the ideal partner to continue growing,” said Co-CEO of GIANTX José Díaz

Having recently been formed by the merger of EXCEL Esports and Giants Gaming, the new org GIANTX has entered a partnership with Shikenso Analytics.

Companies Sign Deal

In our increasingly more digital age, many esports organizations rely on various online means to receive monetization through streaming and social media channels. Partners often play a big part in this and at times it could become hard for an entity to keep adequate track of everything as things grow.

This is where companies like Shikenso Analytics come and provide their data solution services that help esports organizations optimize sponsorships across various social media and streaming services. The company has been making more and more deals lately, growing its portfolio, such as last month when Shikenso signed a deal with M80. This growth has continued and it was recently announced it has entered a strategic partnership with the newly merged esports venture of EXCEL Esports and Giants Gaming, GIANTX.

The esports organization was announced last week with the goal of leveraging both Spanish and English-speaking demographics to ensure maximum engagement and reach. “We believe that in EXCEL ESPORTS, we have found the ideal partner to continue growing,” said Co-CEO of GIANTX José Díaz.

Shikenso’s deal with the newly-merged esports organization is built on the basis of an already existing one. The data solutions company has had an established collaboration with the previously mentioned EXCEL, meaning that they were the perfect partner for GINATX once the esports organization was announced.

What Will Shikenso Offer?

Considering the importance of sponsorships within the esports sector, tracking the performance of each brand with which GIANTX is collaborating, is vital. Some of GIANTX’s sponsors include the likes of HSBC, Burger King, L’Oreal, JD Sports, and others.

To help with this task, Shikenso will provide GINATX with the use of Esports Radar, a media value and audience report tool. Information gained through its use, combined with other data, can be used to create an approximate monetary value of an event. Insights brought by this will help the officials at GIANTX to evaluate in a more objective manner the partnerships it has.

For their part, it seems Shikenso is more than thrilled about the signing of the deal. “Our collaboration with Excel has been nothing short of fantastic, and I’m genuinely thrilled to carry that momentum into our work with GIANTX,” said Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Shikenso Arwin Fallah Shirazi. “It’s not just a partnership; it’s a journey that brings Shikenso closer to creating a standard industry benchmark for measuring media values.”

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