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Published: October 13, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Score, Museong, and Chovy have tested positive for Covid-19
  • The players “feel well enough” and will play the next matches LAN from special isolation rooms
  • Several Gen.G staff members have also tested positive 

Covid-19 is still a hindrance to big esports events as LoL World Championship 2022 sees more participating players test positive for the virus.

Players Test Positive for Covid-19

The League of Legends World Championship 2022 is already well on its way but Covid-19 still interferes with the event. Almost two years after the start of the pandemic and the many on-and-off lockdowns, the virus still finds ways to mess with even the highest-level tournaments. 

Gen.G is just the last organization that has multiple members from its team and support staff test positive for Covid-19. The organization released a statement on social media saying that Score, Museong, and Chovy have all tested positive for the virus ahead of the second phase of the 2022 League of Legends World Championship group stage. 

“Unfortunately, Score, Museong, and Chovy are among the affected staff and players,” Gen.G’s statement reads. “Following Riot testing protocols, each member will participate online from an isolated facility. Luckily, all the affected members feel well enough to play.”

The players will compete in special LAN rooms

The one good news about the whole situation is that the condition of Gen.G’s players is good and none of them have developed serious symptoms. Furthermore, Gen.G is in the last group to play out the second round robin. This means the team will play all of its remaining matches on the last day of the group stage, on Sunday, October 16.

As mentioned in the official statement, the players will participate in the matches in separate isolated rooms. These special LAN rooms came into use at the early stages of the Worlds, when some MAD Lions and Fnatic players also tested positive for Covid-19.  

Riot Games implemented a strict Covid-19 testing protocol at the Worlds 2022’s group stage, which is held in New York. Even before Gen.G’s statement, Riot made a Twitter post explaining their actions. “The health and safety of players and staff at Worlds 2022 is our highest priority,” the statement reads. Riot also explained that due to the constant testing and ever-changing results, the order of matches on a given day may change. 

There is still quite a lot of time before the end of the biggest LoL tournament of the year. So far, Riot has managed to handle the existing Covid-19 cases well enough, but the virus may still impact the teams’ performance.

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