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Published: March 12, 2021

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Player ry0ma will replace Damonte as an active mid-lane player in 100 Thieves at LCS Spring Split
  • The team’s general manager Chris Smith is sure of the decision
  • During the last week of LCS Spring Split, 100 Thieves will continue the strife for a better score

Ry0ma will head out into 100 Thieves’ mid-lane as Damonte retreats to the bench. 

As LCS Progresses Into Week 6, 100 Thieves Lets ry0ma on the Field

Australian player Tommy “ry0ma” Le is a 100 Thieves player who recently made his debut for the year. His team is currently competing in the League of Legends Championship Series Spring Split. Ry0ma participated in three on-stage games with his team, and despite the team’s overall underwhelming performance, the player showed a promising potential by scoring a 12/7/16 KDA. 

This is probably what led the team to the decision to let the Australian play as a mid laner, replacing Tanner “Damonte” Damonte during the final week of the LCS Spring Split. Chris Smith, or “PapaSmithy,” the team’s general manager, announced he is certain that ry0ma is well prepared for the final week of the regular season. Smith confirmed that any changes in the roster are made with “playoff success in mind.”

100 Thieves is currently tied for 4th place with a 9/6 score. The result of just two games can be decisive as they can both propel the team towards 1st place or drop them down to 7th place.

The team was defeated in three out of the four games that they played recently. However, they still have a shot at getting admitted to the Mid-Season Shockdown if they manage to land a good matchup. One of their chances will be against Immortals or FlyQuest, whom they have already won against once, with Damonte as the mid laner. 

The team can hope ry0ma will perform just as well as Damonte or, in the best case – even better. 

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