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Published: August 15, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Rogue emerged victorious from their clash with Vitality
  • Vitality will have an even tougher time getting into the LEC Summer Split Playoffs
  • This all depends on the results from the match between Fnatic and Misfits

Vitality has not been having a great time at the LEC Summer Split Playoffs qualifiers, as their spot at the event hangs in the balance.

Rogue Defeats Vitality

Team Vitality is one more step away from a spot at the LEC Summer Split Playoffs as they were recently defeated by Rogue. This limits the former’s options for further progression. Now Vitality awaits the result of the last match of the regular season between Fnatic and Misfits. If the former emerges victorious, Vitality will need to play a tiebreaker match against Excel. However, if Excel wins, then Vitality will secure a spot in the next stage of the competition.

With the end of the clash between Vitality and Rogue, the latter positions themselves in third place with three wins and two losses so far, trailing behind MAD Lions in second place, and G2 Esports in first. Meanwhile, this match adds the fifth loss for Vitality, who doesn’t have even one win, placing them in seventh place.

How the Match Went

Rogue took the upper hand from the beginning of the game. The beginning stages of the game were filled with Vitality’s surprising ganks and decisive attacks towards neutral objectives like Herald and Drake. However, Rogue exploited the mistakes Vitality made and took the mobs instead.

Due to this, Rogue gained a slight advantage in gold and kills, but the game was still relatively close. However, the flow of the game shifted decisively in Rogue’s favor when during a fight for the third drake of the game, the team managed to catch Vitality’s botlane unguarded, allowing Rogue to take down their opponent’s AD carry.

This provided a great opportunity for Rogue to exploit, and they did so in a level-headed and calculated way. With well-timed engagements and surprising flanks, Rogue gained more and more control of the map, allowing them to besiege Vitality’s base.

However, Vitality didn’t go down without a fight as Rogue was taking down two of their inhibitors. Now that their Nexus was at risk, Vitality prepared for one last team fight, which erupted near the hearth of their base. Despite giving their all, Vitality could not withstand Rogue’s slow but methodical advance. The fight ended with an ace and victory for Rogue, who now leave Vitality’s fate to Fnatic and Misfits.

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