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Published: November 9, 2021

Written by: Barney

  • Riot announces a new installment of their RiotX Arcane project
  • The Progress Days event is promoting the studio’s first animated TV series
  • Platers will receive goodies across all Riot titles

Riot announces its next steps for the RiotX Arcane Progress Days project, bringing Arcane content to all other Riot titles.

Promoting Arcane

Arcane is Riot’s first original animated series, covering lore in the League of Legends universe. It was released on Saturday, November 6, the first episode going out just after the end of the 2021 World Championship, and will be airing online on major platforms. To celebrate the League of Legends World Championship and promote the series, Riot announced last week the RiotX Arcane event, which is marketed as a “cross-media collision of everything Riot has to offer”.

The game studio announced a new phase in the event called Progress Days, a weeklong celebration across the Riot Games universe. In the setting of Arcane, Progress Days is an annual holiday celebrated by the people of Piltover. On it, citizens celebrate technological innovation and the city’s best scientists and inventors show off their latest creations. For players this means they receive a lot of in-game goodies across all of Riot’s titles.

What Will Players of Different Games Receive?

Starting with Riot’s biggest title, League of Legends, players will be able to explore the Council Archives. This will be an interactive experience, where players will be able to learn more about Arcane’s backstory. Players will also receive the “Arcane Jayce” skin, which they can obtain after playing one game of League of Legends during the week of Progress Days.

The Path of Champions will be available in Legends of Runeterra. This is a permanent player versus environment mode which will provide adventures in Zaun and Piltover. The expansion will also add roguelike campaigns in other parts of Runeterra. Players will also be able to get new champion skins, a Jayce champion deck bundle, and a new Plitovan Rooftop board.

Wild Rift players will be able to obtain “Arcane”-style Jinx and Vi skins for free through daily login rewards during Progress Days. There will also be themes weeks in Guild versus Guild including Jinx and Vi themes, and Jayce and Caitlyn will hit the Hextech Heist.

The RiotX Arcane event has a hub, where new earnable in-game rewards will be able to be unlocked until November 30, even after the conclusion of Progress Days:

  • League of Legends: Arcane Capsule, Arcane Icon
  • Teamfight Tactics: One Gizmos & Gadgets Little Legend Egg
  • Legends of Runeterra: One Jayce Champion Card
  • Wild Rift: 100 Poro Coins
  • VALORANT: One Exclusive Poro Gun Buddy

Riot is going out hard promoting Arcane, even collaborating with major fashion brands like Fenty Beauty. The next act of the TV series will air on Netflix on November 13. You can learn more about the event here.

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