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Published: August 26, 2021

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Riot has announced a Game Changers LCS training program
  • It will invite 10 of the best female LoL players and take their skills further
  • The event will culminate with a grand finals-style match between the women

Riot doubles down on its Game Changers initiative by launching an LCS training program for female players.

Bringing Women to Esports Pro Level

Expanding esports to wider and more diverse audiences has been one of the main tendencies in recent times. Over the past few years, the general opinion of gaming has warmed, and more people have been giving video games a shot. However, when it comes to professional gaming, there is still a lot to work on. With inclusivity goals in mind, Riot Games has announced the League of Legends Championship Series Game Changers event.

The initiative will see Riot Games invite 10 of the best-performing female League of Legends players and send them to a virtual boot camp. The women will be given tips on how to up their skills and compete on par with esports athletes.

The training program will provide mentorship from esteemed LCS coaches. The participants will have the opportunity to test their newly learned skills against one another as they will be separated into two teams and will test their mettle against one another. The ten women will be overseen as they play and will receive personalized feedback on how to bring their gameplay to the next level.

LCS Game Changers will last for two weeks between September 27 and October 8 and will culminate with a grand finals-style event that will have the two teams put all they’ve learned into use in a best-of-five match.

Lastly, during the program, the participants will get to meet esports guests who will share their experience on what it is to live as an esports star and what the women should prepare for should they pursue professional careers.  

Expanding Esports to New Audiences

Riot Games’ main drive behind the program is both to train the 10 participants and to empower women in esports. By showcasing the success of the LCS Game Changers players, more people will be influenced to take their game further.

Sadly, there aren’t plans to have a live broadcast of the program. It is still unknown if any of it will be released to the public.

Riot has already launched the Game Changers initiative for its other title, VALORANT. It has had some success as several all-female teams were established, and the game definitely became more approachable to underrepresented groups.

To open up a Game Changers initiative for the LCS is a good move as the league has a global reach and will definitely inspire more people to try out playing League of Legends competitively.

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