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Published: July 30, 2021

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • Riot Games will be taking a look at the European Regional Leagues
  • The company will separate them into two types: accredited and non-accredited
  • Riot will also be standardizing the money rewards for the ERLs to help the sustainability of rising teams

Riot Games is looking to boost the European LoL esports scene by making changes to the regional leagues.

Separating the Leagues into Two Categories

In the wake of the League of Legends European Championship’s growth, Riot Games will be supporting the European Regional Leagues by introducing important changes to make them more stable and efficient.

The video game company outlined some of its plans in an official blog post on According to Riot, starting 2022 the European Regional Leagues will be separated into two categories: those who have been accredited and those who have not. Depending on whether a league is accredited or not, it will have a various amount of rights and obligations.

For example, accredited ERLs will have an obligation to hold at least one offline event each year. They will receive more help from Riot and will be added to the company’s official global contact database. Additionally, if a league wants to become accredited, it will need to fulfill certain conditions.

On the contrary, non-accredited leagues will have fewer obligations and will not be strictly required to host offline events at all. However, they won’t be added to Riot’s global contact database and will have to work more independently. 

As a result of Riot’s changes, several leagues will be joining together to form a new, larger body. One example is the Benelux league, a future coming together of the Belgian and Dutch leagues.

The full list of differences between accredited and unaccredited leagues will be released after the EU masters and the names of which leagues will be merging will be revealed in September.

Standardizing Prizes to Help Young Teams Sustain Themselves

One of the universal changes that leagues will be receiving is the standardization of monetary prizes. It will affect both accredited and non-accredited leagues. The goal of Riot Games is to make the ecosystem more sustainable and to provide new teams with extra possibilities.

Additionally, the video game company y is planning to host an annual event where it discusses the future development of the esports ecosystem with players, teams, and tournament hosts.

The European Regional Leagues are increasingly important for the development of League of Legends in Europe. Because of the many previously unheard-of players have gotten the chance to shine, rise and advance to the League of Legends European Championship.

Riot Games will continue working both on the game’s quality and mechanics and on its esports scene.

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