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Published: May 31, 2024

Written by: Barney

  • Riot Games recently revealed some big ADC changes coming with LoL Patch 14.12
  • However, the devs reverted these announcements just hours after initially posting them

It Seems Riot plans larger adjustments to ADCs, as they pulled a recent announcement regarding LoL Patch 14.12.

Riot Corrects LoL Patch 14.12 Announcement

Riot Games often makes big changes with each patch of League of Legends. The developer usually has a lot of time between releasing patches, so the changes are usually quite well thought out However, on some rare occasions, Riot Games makes mistakes that need to be reverted. Recently, the company released an update regarding the upcoming changes with Patch 14.12 which would see some big adjustments to most ADCs. However, earlier today the devs reverted the updates to said type of champions.

In its initial update, Riot Games announced it would increase the defensive scaling of ADCs, but reduced AD and attack speed growth. Almost every ADC was hit with these changes, including less conventional ones such as the recently reworked Corki. However, these changes were pulled away from the patch just hours after they were announced. It seems that the devs may need more time before implementing any of these major adjustments.

What Could This Mean?

Perhaps it should not be too surprising that Riot reverted these changes as ADC recently underwent quite a lot of revamping. From League of Legends’ Patch 14.10, ADCs have a different way of itemizing, making them significantly stronger across the board. This meant way higher damage for most of them, with Riot needing to nerf a few overperformers.

However, now it seems the company wants to take the class in a different direction. By nerfing their AD and attack speed growth, Riot will reduce the amount of damage this class of champion deals while also increasing their ability to survive bursts in a team fight.

Historically, this has been an issue for the class. Despite players playing almost perfectly. this could not be enough because a single crowd control could easily wipe out the fragile champions. This would mean players have to draw a fine line between dealing damage and staying safe in team fights, making ADCs one of the flashier roles.

However, the fact that the devs pulled the previously mentioned changes might signal they’re interested in taking wider swings at the class in general. LoL’s Patch 14.12 should be released on Wednesday, June 12, meaning the devs still have about two more ways to think about what they’ll do with the ADCs.

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