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Published: February 8, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The Star Forger has been dominating the Summoner’s Rift since Patch 14.3 launched
  • Riot announced an emergency patch on the same day the main one was released
  • He surged to a whopping 55% win rate in just a day

Following the champion’s rework and multiple item changes, Aurelion Sol has become a far too dominating force in League of Legends.

Riot Announces Emergency Fix

Patch 14.3 of League of Legends was released yesterday and developers Riot Games are already preparing an update to fix the issues that have arisen from it. Oftentimes, updates can mess up the delicate balance between the many champions that make up the game’s roster and it seems that the latest culprit is Aurelion Sol.

According to, the Star Forger currently has a 54.48%, dominating everyone on the Summoner’s Rift. This is the case due to a handful of buffs that aimed to compensate for him losing some valuable items with the new season. Subsequently, the champion’s ban and pick rates drastically increased.

With the Star Forger dominating the Summoner’s Rift so much, it was not long before Riot Games announced some emergency changes. The news was broken by lead gameplay designer Matt “Phroxzon” Leung-Harrison on Twitter as the devs are preparing a micro patch, which should already be live at the time of posting of this article. It should be noted, however, that Phroxzon did not specify what this patch will look like and how the champion will be changed.

What Exactly Is the Problem?

The buffs that made Aurelion Sol so OP targeted his Q, acting as his main source of consistent damage, as well as his W, which gives him mobility that surpasses many other mid-lane champions. However, it seems that the devs want players to utilize more stacking Stardust through the use of Aurelion Sol’s Q rather than passively stalling large waves of minions with his E. This is because a nerf to his E reduced the amount of Stardust the ability grants when defeating nearly any type of enemy. That being said, the ability itself did not have any of its damage, slow, or execute numbers altered.

These changes were necessitated because Aurelion Sol’s intricacies have often pushed mid-lane players away from the champion. This resulted in him needing a complete rework that turned him into one of the highest-scaling champions in League of Legends. His stacking passive and near-global damaging ultimate created more consistent win, pick, and ban rates for a little more than a season.

Aurelion Sol isn’t the first time this season that a champion is obliterating everyone on the Summoner’s Rift, necessitating Riot to step in with emergency fixes. Miss Fortune dominated the game a couple of weeks ago with similar win rates as Aurelion Sol. Things were fixed when Riot changed things in Patch 14.2, but not before the champion had her time to shine.

Riot seems to be acting faster now as they announced the micropatch on the same day as the normal Patch 14.3 was released. If the changes were enough, Aurelion Sol should soon see his win rate drop to more manageable numbers.

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