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Published: June 10, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Riot Games has been working with South Korean esports org T1 to address the issue
  • The attacks have interfered with the team’s ability to train recently
  • Unfortunately, the company has not set specific deadlines for fixing the problems

Riot Meddler said that the company is well aware of the DDoS issues that have been plaguing the Korean servers and stated the devs are working on it.

Riot Addresses KR Server Problems

Sometimes game servers can be subject to DDoS attacks which could severely hinder players. Esports pros are also vulnerable to these attacks as they could not be able to train for events. One of the most prominent League of Legends teams in the world, T1, has also recently been hit with this and has been unable to practice. For many weeks, the organization asked Riot Games to do something about the issue that has been plaguing the South Korean servers, and it seems like the game devs are finally responding.

According to Riot head Andre “Riot Meddler” van Roon, the company understands the team’s frustration over the ongoing issue and why T1 has shut down streams for now. He explained that the dev team has been working closely with the esports org for months and has already fixed a number of issues. However, Meddler also said that the most recent DDoS attacks on the League of Legends South Korean servers have been different from earlier attacks, and as a result are not addressed by the recent fixes.

When Are the Issues Going to Be Fixed?

Considering Riot Games is a huge company with lots of capability to fix these issues, many League of Legends fans have been wondering what’s taking so long to correct the problems. Unfortunately, the company has yet to announce a fixed date for when these issues will be gone.

DDoS attacks are a malicious way to overwhelm servers so Riot can’t reveal too much information on what the team has found. They also can’t say what they plan to do next as that would simply give more information to the attackers. Riot Meddler’s post is simply a response meant to ease fans and inform players on the South Korean servers that the company is aware of the DDoS attacks and is working to resolve the issue with T1.

However, this response has not been met with great thanks by the community and the players. Despite understanding that T1 in particular has suffered a lot from these DDoS attacks, many wondered why Riot is talking just about T1. “Why are you talking to T1 though? Their team is being hit, this has nothing to do with their IDs or IPs, you protected their accounts but regular soloq players get to play Russian roulette if you get T1 on your team,” League of Legends analyst asked.

Unfortunately, we might not get straight answers soon due to the sensitivity of the issue. However, Riot should probably pick up their pace as the LCK Summer Split starts on June 12.

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