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Published: September 27, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Riot is making last-minute preparations for the World Championship 2023
  • These will be included in Patch 13.19, which is set to launch today, September 27
  • However, some of these changes might come with Patch 13.20 instead

Support mains will be delighted to hear that their champions will receive a series of massive buffs because Riot Games is changing their starting items.

Items Are Getting Big Buffs

League of Legends World Championship 2023 is coming fast and Riot Games are busy preparing everything needed for the event. It will be played on Patch 13.19, which comes out today, meaning that whatever changes come to the game with this version, they will be the ones crucial for the tournament.

One very big new thing that is coming to League of Legends’ patch is a huge buff to support champions because their starting items are being changed. Spellthief’s Edge, Spectral Sickle, Steel Shoulderguards, and Relic Shield will all have the health they give increased, as well as receive a decent bump up to their AD and AP.

These changes will change the bot lane dynamic significantly, but they are not the only changes that support mains will be happy to know they will receive. Riot Games is also looking to tweak Runes, champions, other starting items, and Dragons as well. Of course, not all of these will affect supports, but it’s safe to say that they are already on the better side of the new changes. Considering other champions, such as Azir, are being sneakily nerfed in Patch 13.19, support champs will likely be even more viable in the upcoming meta.

It’s speculated that not all of these buffs and nerfs will come out today with the new patch, but will instead be gradually released with micropatches over the next couple of weeks. While a major shift to the meta in the preseason patch would make sense, some leaks have suggested that a lot of these changes will come out in Patch 13.20, which is not the one that Worlds will be played on. This information is supported by notorious data miner Frank, who summarised the potential upcoming changes in a recent Reddit post.

In any case, these buffed items will make support champions tankier in the early game, while also giving them a lot more options to harass the enemy during the laning phase. With increased AD and AP, champions like Lulu or Karma will be a pain in the neck to play against.

But biffs and nerfs are not the only important changes that will come with Patch 13.19. Riot recently tested a lot of quality-of-life features on the public beta environment (PBE), which will also be introduced with the new patch. These will include the ability to see when champions cast certain global abilities, a feature that beta testers have already praised a lot.

With all of these changes coming up, it’s interesting to see what strategies teams will adopt for the upcoming World Championship.

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