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Published: October 27, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Riot aims to encourage players to use the split-push meta
  • The studio hopes players will make more use of the Sanguine Blade and Hullbreaker
  • Riot is also releasing a new champion and skin series with the new patch

Riot Games is already preparing for the next competitive season of League of Legends by bolstering turrets and the gold they drop.

Changes Coming to Turrets

League of Legends is a constantly evolving game with many patches and fixes rebalancing champions, items, and mobs with the aim of providing an overall fair experience for everyone. With Patch 12.21 coming soon, the company is releasing small tidbits of information on what it will contain, and it looks like Riot will be bringing back the split-pushing meta.

The studio has wanted to do this for several seasons now and has been doing so by introducing heavy split-pushing items like Sanguine Blade and Hullbreaker. Additionally, Riot has been consistently buffing champions like Fiora and Nasus so that they can put more pressure on the enemy team. 

To further incentivize players to push turrets, Riot will be increasing single turret plating gold from 160 to 175, according to game designer and Surrender@20 mod Spideraxe. For turrets to not fall so quickly, Riot is also increasing bonus resistances per plate destroyed from 35 to 40.

This marks yet another buff for turrets, which already had their base attack damage increased in Patch 12.10. But Patch 12.21’s changes, although relatively small, will probably lead to the community heavily focusing on picking lane bullies or win-lane-win-game champions like Lucian and Nami. Furthermore, the extra early-game gold will incentivize players to use the Rift Herald more often. 

What Else Will Patch 12.21 Bring?

The new patch, which is supposed to go live on November 2, brings a ton of changes to several champions, with Bel’Veth, Miss Fortune, and Blitzcrank receiving a lot of nerfs. Those three were singled out because they were all outliers in the meta and when looking at their ban and win rates. But while some are being negatively impacted by the patch, others are receiving buffs. The five lucky ones are Xin Zhao, Ahri, Malzahar, Corki, and Rumble. 

Patch 12.21 will also see the introduction of League’s new champion, K’Sante. A big muscular man, K’Sante aims to make playing tanks more fun. With an interesting ultimate that lets him turn into a skirmisher in the blink of an eye, the top-lane champion brings a lot of crowd-controlling abilities to the game. 

Of course, Riot has not forgotten the aesthetic side of the game. Patch 12.21 will be coming with a whole new skin line called Empyrean with K’Sante himself getting a Prestige version. The other seven champions that will get a skin from the series are Lux, Jhin, Zac, Zed, Vex, Pyke, and Jax. 

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