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Published: January 13, 2023

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • The champion was heavily nerfed in the patch
  • Rammus’ win rate plummeted after Riot released the patch
  • The new patch is basically a revert to the old stats

Following the release of League’s Patch 13.1, Riot Games will implement a micropatch to fix the issues that caused Rammus’ 10% drop in win rate.

Riot Will Release NewMicro patchh

It seems like Riot Games’ latest update for League of Legends has not panned out as well as the company had hoped, as Patch 13.1 seems mired with problems. Some of these issues stem from Riot’s attempt to balance out several champions, one of whom is Rammus, who received heavy nerfs.

However, it seems Riot has overdone it as after the latest changes, the champion’s win ratio dropped by more than a whopping 10%. According to League stats tracking site U.GG, Rammus’ win rate currently stands at 42% at the time of writing of this article. 

Naturally, this prompted a huge backlash from the community and when Riot Games realized their mistake, they announced an emergency update that will effectively revert all live changes. “They’ll be a micropatch to add in compensatory buffs to him,” developer TheTruexy told players on January 12. “As noted elsewhere, Jak’Sho stacks differently with him now and we overshot the impact it would have.”

Rammus’ starting health will be increased from 614 to 675 and his attacks will go up by two points to 55. Additionally, his base armor will now be 40, and Defensive Ball Curl’s flat armor will be increased from 25 to 35.

What Prompted Rammus’ Initial Nerfs?

The champion was in line for a nerf in Patch 13.1, as did many other tanks and bruisers, who have been in a strong spot since the release of the preseason on November 16. thanks to Riot’s large-scale buffs to tank items in earlier updates, Rammus had a respectable 54% win rate across all ranks coming into Patch 13.1.

It seems Riot’s overreaction also extended to Rammus’ interactions with Jak’Sho the Protean. After Patch 13.1 Rammus’ Defensive Ball Curl was tweaked to “the two interact more cleanly with one another.” Additionally, Jak’Sho no longer heals champions from minions and monsters. Finally, Riot nerfed Legend: Tenacity from a total of 30% Tenacity to 20%.

It’s clear that Rammus was in need of a slight nerf, but the Riot definitely overswung. The emergency patch is basically a revert which will hopefully fix the issues. 

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