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Published: July 15, 2021

Written by: Barney

  • Customization will play a big part in Riot Games’ flagship title, League of Legends, as devs reveal a host of pending changes
  • Players will get to enjoy various little perks such as a unique user interface, player lobbies, loading screens, and more
  • If successful, this customization push can serve as the basis of similar initiatives across Riot Games’ entire portfolio of titles

Riot Games explores customization options in League of Legends, which may prove a hit with the community.

Customize Your League of Legends Says Riot Games 

Riot Games is now going to focus on customizing the gaming experience even further as the company is planning to bring in new ways to tailor your identity in its flagship game, League of Legends.

A spate of changes is coming by the end of 2021 that will allow you to create an identity for your account and character and enjoy unique additions, such as borders, icons, and other tailored options that will allow you to run wild with the available tools. 

Developers have tweeted about the reams of upcoming changes that are going to give fans another reason to come back or continue enjoying their experience with significant changes across the user interfaceloading screensplayer lobbies, and even victory and defeat screens!

Riot Games is interested in developing a user interface that cuts out on all the unnecessary elements and focuses entirely on creating an identifiable and highly customizable lobby where players can feel at home. 

Building on the Future of Mass Gaming Customization 

In an official statement, the company had this to say: “It is our hope that by focusing on clear core identity features like ranked emblems, level, name, and icons first, we can bring the rest of the client or around-game experience up to par little ways down the line with limited additional effort.”

The company intends to add identity crystals, banner accents, and titles so that players can continue to dip their fingers in a pool of opportunity. Most of these titles will be inspired by the lore and tie into the game to add authenticity and some gravitas to your profile. 

With an identity crystal, a player will be recognized by fellow players as it would serve as a short biography of one’s travails and triumphs in the game. A banner accent will serve as your own house’s representation, with a banner following you when you join a game’s lobby. 

Bringing a more individualistic approach to mass gaming is surely one way to make the game more intriguing. Personalization options have always been welcome with players shedding a pretty penny to secure various skins purchase and makes sure they stand out from the digital crowd.

Riot has deemed it worthwhile to invest a little more time and ambition into bringing even more delectable choices when it comes to crafting your own identity. 

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