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Published: March 7, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Riot Games has decided to support Ukraine which is currently under attack
  • The company will donate $1 million for humanitarian relief, supporting charity medical organizations
  • Riot will also donate its proceeds from in-game purchases during the March 5-12 period

Riot Games stands in solidarity with Ukraine by vowing to donate $1 million for humanitarian aid in addition to the proceeds from certain sales.

Riot Games Relieve A Part of Ukraine’s Woes

Riot Games has joined the roster of gaming companies that have shown they are not indifferent to the suffering of the Ukrainian people subjected to an invasion by Russia. Following the example of many other brands, the company has decided to donate a large sum to help with humanitarian relief.

Riot Games, popular for its world-famous games and flourishing esports scene, announced that it will be donating $1 million in humanitarian aid, seeking to help the Ukrainians. The funds will power companies such as Doctors Without Borders, the International Medical Corps, and the Polish Red Cross.

This isn’t the full extent of Riot Games’ willingness to help, though. The company has made it possible for fans to help with the crisis as well – it announced that the money from all battle pass sales within the period between March 5 and 12 will go for humanitarian relief. The same applies to all sales of the newly-released Bee skin.

The Video Gaming Community Opposes the War

By opting to help Ukraine, Riot Games joins the likes of other major technology and gaming companies that have decided to not stay on the sidelines. Activision Blizzard just announced it will be donating $300,000 for the same cause.

Other companies have also donated money to help the Ukrainian people or have taken more drastic action by choosing to leave the Russian market as a whole. Companies such as Blizzard and EA, among others, have pulled down their products from Russia, announcing they will not resume sales until the conflict is over. Esports organizers such as BLAST, on the other hand, have decided to prohibit Russian organizations from competing. ESL hasn’t banned Russian organizations but has demanded that they play under a neutral name.

The war has caused a divide in esports that no one wanted. The esports team and its parent organization ESforce have been accused of supporting Russia’s invasion and the war effort. The team tried to explain that it never meant and many have pointed out that denouncing the war can be dangerous for citizens of Russia. However, the damage is already done and the esports community is experiencing some difficult times as well.

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