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Published: June 4, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Some VCS players received one, two, or three-year bans, while others were permanently banned
  • Others had their suspensions lifted, allowing them to play in the upcoming 2024 Summer Split
  • The VCS explained that it “will not tolerate any actions that affect competitive integrity”

Riot Games concluded a lengthy investigation into the VCS, which found multiple players have broken various rules of the Global Code of Conduct.

Riot Bans Several VCS Players

While violating rules and other regulations in high-level professional play in League of Legends is rare, it still happens sometimes. In times like those, Riot Games has to step in to step in and swing the ban hammer. This is what has happened recently, following a lengthy investigation behind the scenes, and the company has handed out multiple punishments across the Vietnamese League of Legends scene.

VCS players across eight different pro teams have been banned from Riot-sanctioned events. According to Riot Games, the reasons are various violations of the Global Code of Conduct. The company confirmed that it has dished out eight permabans, six three-year bans, and a handful of bans spanning one to two years. Interestingly, there were also a few players who had their suspensions lifted, which will allow them to compete in the upcoming 2024 Summer Split.

What Are These Bans?

While Riot Games said the reason for the ban wave was multiple violations of the Global Code of Conduct, the company did not elaborate a lot on any of the cases. Instead, the VCS did mention that it “will not tolerate any actions that affect competitive integrity.” However, this could still mean a variety of things, but it’s safe to say that the actions taken by some of these players involved were severe enough that they were banned for life.

It’s most likely that the most severely punished players have violated Article Three of the Esports Global Code of Conduct. It includes regulations and punishments for a series of wrongdoings such as cheating, threats, bribery, gambling, match-fixing, studio and venue interference, and more.

However, some other VCS players violated Article 4.1 of the code. According to it, all pro League of Legends players “must report any violation of the Code of Conduct to [Riot] upon becoming aware of the violation”. This means that the players affected by the ban likely knew about their fellow teammates’ misconduct but decided not to report it. While these wrongdoers were given lighter bans, none were lower than eight months.

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