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Published: September 21, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • The original Spirit Blossom skins came with a well-received in-game visual novel
  • It told various myths and legends about the region of Ionia
  • The new skins should come with Patch 12.9 on October 5

Riot Games further develops Ionia’s mythology by releasing a new set of Spirit Blossom skins for ten of League’s champions.

Several Champions Get New Spirit Blossom Skins

Riot Games has often had a philosophy regarding skins for the champions of its flagship game, The company has often released these League of Legends cosmetics in themed batches spanning several characters at once. Furthermore, Riot has also used the occasion to yell some extra tidbits of lore, and the latest release of a new batch of Spirit Blossom skin line is no exception.

The original Spirit Blossom skins, which champions such as Yasuo, Teemo, Ahri, Tresh, and others received, were based on in-world myths and legends about the region of Ionia. Now, Riot Games is expanding that lore with skins for nine whole champions – Syndra, Tristana, Soraka, Evelynn, Sett, Aphelios, Yorick, Darius, and Master Yi. Speaking of Master Yi, he will receive special treatment by having a Prestige version of his new Spirit Blossom skin, available via the simultaneous event.

The Success of the Earlier Batch of Spirit Blossom Skins

The Spirit Blossom series of skins is one of Riot’s most-lore-heavy series so far. Although other series of skins featured small snippets of stories and descriptions, both in-game and online, the original Spirit Blossom release came with a visual novel called The Path It starred characters like Cassiopeia, Lillia, and even Teemo, and players could partake in the in-game visual novel. They completed missions to progress through stories that allowed them to interact with the various champions in the Spirit Blossom universe. 

The new skins follow the same aesthetic, with the receiving champions covered in mystical pink flowers known as Spirit Blossoms, as well as dressed in light, Eastern-style clothing. Many of the skins also have effects that include wildlife such as wolves and butterflies, a stark contrast to some of the recipients’ grimmer themes, like Darius or Evelynn. 

It is not currently known if Riot is going to be releasing all these skins at the same time. Furthermore, it’s highly unlikely that the studio will release a visual novel with this batch, as it did with the previous Spirit Blossom skins. That style of storytelling was used in other events like Sentinels of Light and Star Guardian, however, a lot of players still think the original Spirit Blossom event implemented the visual novel elements in the best way. 

The first set of skins should come with League’s Patch 12.19 on October 5.

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