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Published: May 31, 2021

Written by: Hannah

  • Riot Games is interested in helping video gamers and community members improve their mental health
  • Through a new guide developed with Public Good Projects (PGP), the company hopes to address pressing problems that content creators face
  • Physical and mental wellbeing is a top priority for players and Riot continue to deliver on various initiatives designed to improve that

Mental health continues to be a top priority for Riot Games which has published a new advocacy guide to help address any emotional distress, anxiety and other related issues.

Rot Games Takes on Mental Health in New Guide

Video gaming can be a stressful and even painful hobby. Many of us have used video games as a form of escapism and today, there are hundreds of thousands of content creators out there who undergo significant emotional and mental strain to keep up with our constant demand for new and fresh content.

In light of this, Riot Games has teamed up with Public Good Projects (PGP), an organization that focuses on providing mental health guidance to people in the United States and North America. The idea behind the alliance is to help the community’s streamers and content creators, and even moderators, to have a go-to guide to openly address mental health and emotional issues.

Based on Riot’s own estimates, players have repeatedly told the company that mental health is their own top priority along with physical wellbeing. Acting on this information, the mental health advocacy guide should help people who struggle with similar issues to have a reliable fallback solution to address them.

Riot has been involved with the community’s wellbeing and mental health in the past, specifically through the Crisis Text Line, which is a 24/7 dedicated line where gamers can reach out with various issues, including depression and anxiety, self-harm, and suicidal thoughts.

Alaways a Way Out of Emotional Distress

The fact that Riot is investing more resources in mental health is a reflection of the fact that more people are finding themselves struggling with those issues or have realized that they have a problem after years of successfully avoiding the truth.

The lockdown and pandemic have forced many video gamers not only to spend more time online, but to also reflect on what it all meant.

Riot Games outlines the goals of the guide succinctly, arguing that it has provided resources from top mental health organizations and that content creators and mods may use them ad lib as well as find support and direction to professional services should they feel the need.

The company is welcoming and open to feedback from anyone who may have ideas as to how to improve the guide.

While the lockdown has provenly had an impact on mental health, video games have been a good way to take care of your mental health. Even then, knowing how to address such issues is important.

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