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Published: January 10, 2023

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Riot is heavily focusing on Neeko’s passive skill
  • It seems she will be able to turn into many more things on the Summoner’s Rift
  • There is still no specific date announced about when the update will go live

It’s been four months since Neeko’s mid-scope update was announced and Riot Games is finally releasing some teasers about the champion’s rework.

Devs Reveal Neeko’s Reworked Passive

Riot Games has a habit of promising mid-scope updates for certain champions but that often takes months to implement into the game. Neeko was one such champion, with Riot promising an update back in August last year, however, for people maining her it seems the wait is finally over. The company recently teased a number of changes coming to Neeko this season. 

Although the promised updates will not be implemented immediately, instead being relegated to an update in the coming weeks, it seems the fans’ waiting will not be in vain. Riot’s TheTruexy, one of the game developers for League, recently posted a shot video on Twitter that showcases Neeko’s changed passive. 

“I’ve been allowed to post a few previews of what to expect from the Neeko midscope worked on my @RiotPhlox,” Truexy wrote, remarking that the video was taken early in development and there are some visual glitches. The chameleon champion is famously able to turn into anyone on her team but that curious ability will be receiving a huge buff soon. 

The video shared by Truexy sees Neeko being able to turn into a stealth ward, helping her to execute some sneaky attacks. She will be, in fact, able to turn into anything on the rift, including minions, jungle monsters, and even a Teemo mushroom, making her much more difficult to find. 

So, When Is Neeko’s Update Coming?

It’s been four months since Neeko’s mid-scope update was announced alongside that of other champions like Syndra. With the latter’s update going live, many fans thought that Neeko would be quick to follow and have messaged the developers asking about the status of the champion update. However, Phlox, another League developer, posted a tweet asking players to be patient, saying that the mid-scope update “she’s still a little while out”. 

Phlox explained that the update is taking so long because the deva team is trying to keep Neeko as close to her old champion design, while also making her more fun for fans of the champion. It’s currently unknown if the passive change is the only one coming for Neeko in the upcoming mid-scope update. It’s unusual for such mid-scope updates to not touch on other abilities and considering the bug we saw with the ultimate, it’s entirely possible that the dev team is working on that ability well. 

However, Riot has not released further details about the update so we’ll just have to wait for a release date.

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