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Published: December 16, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • The devs point ask players which champions feel “left behind”
  • Cho’Gath, Zyra, and Annie often came up
  • Jax is already set to be changed with patch 13.1 in early 2023

Riot is reaching out to the wider League of Legends community for feedback on which champions should get priority mid-scope updates next year.

What Did the Players Say?

Competitive games often need constant balancing patches and updates. This means game devs have to pay close attention to the trends of the current season in order to mark out what needs to be changed. This is not a trivial amount of work as often games are not an exact science and game devs have to work with data approximations at best.

Because of this, many developers simply ask their game’s fanbase what changes should be implemented. After all, the millions of players can essentially act as data crowdsourcing. Riot is one company that often asks its fanbase like this and League of Legends’s mid-scope updates are often decided based on the players’ feedback. Heading in for the 2023 season of the game, game designer for League, TheTruexy, asked players on Twitter what updates they would like to see.

The game designer specifically pointed to Swain and Ahri’s mid-scope updates, which hit the live servers in Patches 12.8 and 12.3, respectively. The community welcomed the changes and praised the League devs for introducing the changes all while maintaining the core of the champions’ kits.

TheTruexy asked the community to propose champions whom they feel are “left behind” as priorities to receive patches. The responses were as varied as the people responding, but a few names stood out. Cho’Gath, Zyra, Jayce, LeBlanc, Annie, Nocturne, and Morgana seem to be the overwhelming trend when it comes to what champions the community thinks Riot should look at. 

Mid-scope updates are usually made for champs who have lagged behind in the modern meta. League’s pre-season already gave Riot a basic idea of what changes need to be done starting next year. Among the first champions to receive mid-scope updates is Jax, who will receive changes in patch 13.1 in early 2023. Some other champions, who are essentially left out of the professional sphere, are Cho’Gath, Zyra, and Annie. They haven’t seen much use by pro players and would definitely benefit from an update.Right now, Riot Games is entering its Christmas break, so it’s going to be at least a few weeks before we see any new updates. However, Riot already teased what players should expect when the company returns with its regular updates in early January.

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