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Published: September 22, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Each year sees one League of Legends champion receive a thematic World Championship skin
  • This time it’s Renekton’s turn, with his skin also being available through the Virtual Pass bundle
  • He joins an exclusive club of ten other champions who received such skins in previous years

As the League of Legends World Championship 2023 is coming closer, Riot Games has revealed that Renekton will receive this year’s special limited Worlds skin.

Renekton Gets New Cosmetics

League of Legends World Championship is one of the biggest events in gaming history and it is approaching fast. In the meantime, teams and organizations are busy preparing for it, and Riot Games is no exception. Twenty-two squads will compete for glory and money when the event starts on October 10.

There is still more information being revealed about the huge event, but we already know some interesting details. For example, the game will be played on Patch 13.19, which will bring changes to several champions. Perhaps most notably, Azir will be nerfed ahead of Worlds to avoid an Azir-heavy tournament, something that happened last year.

However, this concerns the participants more than the fans and casual players. They are not forgotten though, as Riot recently unveiled a new skin. Each year, one champion gets a special Worlds skin and this time around, it has gone the way of Renekton.

Fans will be able to obtain the unique cosmetic through the Virtual Pass. This is a new product that has been in the making for quite some time now, having been announced by Riot Games in April of this year. It rolls out just in time for Worlds 2023 and it offers a curated collection of limited-edition physical and in-game items that celebrate Worlds. It has two editions, Collector’s and Digital, with Renekton’s skin being part of the latter.

The so-called Worlds skin line was formerly called the Championship skin line. It is a limited-time skin that can only be bought during the Worlds tournament every year. They have been a staple of the international tournament since the beginning and usually featured champions that have been prominent throughout the competitive season in one way or another. The first recipient was Riven, who got her skin in 2012. Following her, each year saw another champion get a themed skin, including Tresh, Shyvana, Kalista, Zed, Ashe, Kha’Zix, Ryze, LeBlanc, Jarvan IV, and most recently, Azir for Worlds 2022.

Renekton joins this exclusive club this year and his skin will likely cost 1350 Riot Points just like the other Worlds skins did in the past. A release date has not been confirmed yet, but considering there are just three weeks left until the start of Worlds 2023, it won’t be long until we see it for sale in the store.

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