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Published: January 9, 2023

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Deft performs a spectacular quadrakill in his latest stream
  • His quick reflexes and fast combos saved him from certain death
  • It seems the player is ready for the upcoming LCK Spring season

Reigning League of Legends champion Deft reminds everybody that one does not climb to the top by accident by performing an amazing qudrakill. 

Deft Shows Amazing Play

It doesn’t matter if you’re a living esports legend or not, sometimes you have to remind people of your skills. Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu fits well into that category and the reigning League of Legends champion had to remind everyone why he is part of 2022’s top team. 

The 26-year-old player is an avid League streamer and his most recent epic moment was captured live during his Twitch broadcast on January 8. The veteran managed to pull off a spectacular one-vs-four outplay on Kai’Sa, showing everyone that no one becomes a world champion by accident. What’s even more fascinating is that at one certain point, Deft was just 100 HP away from death, yet his fast reflexes saved him by helping him eliminate four players all in quick succession. 

The whole situation started when Deft went to the aid of a fellow player who was being ganked upon by several enemies. Unfortunately, the rescue attempt failed and the Korean player was left alone against four determined opponents. Thinking quickly, Deft led his enemies into the jungle, where he could pick them off one by one more easily. 

He had to act quickly as the four were hot on his tail and Deft was already low on health. At one point he was just a couple of hits away from death but as the adrenaline set in his reflexes became even faster. With smart usage of Killer Instinct (R) and Supercharge (E), the player managed to dodge most of the skill shots coming his way, while also sneaking in basic attacks against his opponents.

Deft killed two of his enemies in quick succession and then healed up by clearing the Razorbeaks camp. Now all the advantage was on the Korean player’s side. With the help of a teammate who took away the enemy’s attention, Deft leaped into action to deal the final blow. 

These kinds of plays are what have helped the player throughout many years of competitive League of Legends and why DWG KIA were eager to sign Deft after the end of the 2022 Worlds. Now the team, with Deft in their midst, will start the 2023 LCK Spring season on January 18.

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