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Published: March 20, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Nick Frijia announced he will be working on League of Legends’ team
  • He is a popular dev, often explaining in detail Wild Rift’s system on his streams
  • He has extensive experience working on Wild Rift’s Mythic items

With the announcement of the transfer of a popular Wild Rift dev to LoL, many fans started speculating how the PC game’s item meta would change.

Frijia Moving to LoL

Although Wild Rift is based on its more popular PC counterpart League of Legends, the two games have notable differences. However, the two versions of LoL might soon become more similar thanks to the influencer of one particular Wild Rift dev, who will now work on League of Legends.

Thanks to his frequent Q&A sessions on Twitch and detailed blog posts about the game, Nick Frijia has become one of Wild Rift’s most popular devs. To the delight of many fans, the dev said in a recent stream that he is now going to work on the balance team of League of Legends. “So it’s gonna be weird, for sure, and I’ll miss these streams,” he explained. “But there are some really exciting things coming to PC.”

“I know that I’m, for a lot of people, the dev people can interact with and it feels bad to leave, but truthfully, internally, I wasn’t feeling like I was that needed for so long,” Frijia explained on his stream.

How Will LoL Change?

Many fans think that with Frijia transferring to LoL, the game will see a change in the balance of items, as that is the dev’s expertise. Following the Reddit announcement of Frijia’s transfer, a discussion started about the item meta in League and how the dev might be able to change it. The game’s item meta has often been criticized for lacking versatility. “I really want them to get rid of the Mythic system, it feels so nice not having to be restricted by it in Wild Rift,” one commenter wrote. 

Frijia has already worked on several unique items in Wild Rift such as the Repulsor Enchant and the Magnetron Enchant. The former grants an active where players can knock back enemies that are close away, while the latter allows players to dash to a targeted ally “and briefly taunt the closest nearby enemy.”

Mythic items are the strongest items in League and champions can only equip one at a time with champion builds revolving around them. Frijia is known for these unique Wild Rift items and many players hope to see more unique active skills shake up the League meta in the future.

It’s still unclear what exactly the popular dev will be working on with the above-mentioned discussion being only speculation. However, it’s likely fans will get further details about what Frijia will be working on soon.

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