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Published: January 26, 2023

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Riot will release a micro patch before 13.2
  • It features temporary nerfs to Yuumi’s base stats and a lot of her skills
  • Many say Riot Games might have implemented too heavy nerfs

Players have been asking for a rework for Yuumi, but it seems Riot’s latest patch might have gone a bit overboard with the nerf hammer.

Riot Will Release Patch 13.1B

League of Legends is a game that needs constant updates and balancing as new champions and items are being added to the game. Although data miners discovered what Patch 13.2 will bring, Riot seems to have delayed the update as they want to add more things with it. Instead, the studio is releasing 13.1B, dubbed a micro patch, which will go live on January 26. 

However, that name is somewhat incorrect as the patch will adjust some of the strongest and most popular champions in the game. A champion will see some huge nerfs if Yuumi, arguably one of the most hated champions. Her ability to attach to anyone and become untargetable whilst boosting whomever she’s on has infuriated many players. She is also considered to be an incredibly easy champion to play. All of these factors explain why she was amongst the most-banned League champions in 2022.

Riot has promised to rework the troublesome cat in the future, but those changes will likely come with or after Patch 13.2 Instead, the devs decided to temporarily nerf the champion in Patch 13.1B. However, they might have overdone it as many fans are not happy with the nerfs.

“They Murdered Yuumi”

Riot brought down the nerf hammer hard on Yuumi’s head in the upcoming Patch 13.1B. All of her base stats have been decreased and her passive will now gain 25 bonus range for one attack only. Yuumi’s skills have also been hit hard, with her W now having a 12-20 (+12-20% of bonus) ? 12-20 (+6-10% of bonus), and her E’s movement speed decreased from 20% (+2% per 100 AP) to just 20%, effectively removing her AP ratio.

A lot of fans thought Riot Games have overdone it. “This is one of the heaviest nerfs I have seen. Attack range gone, squishy stats even squishier, AP ratios obliterated, and base values reduced,” one commenter on the subreddit post discussing the changes wrote. “They are removing her from the game basically without actually doing it.”

For many fans it came as a surprise Riot is nerfing the champion this hard, considering Yuumi is already standing at a 46,2% win rate in solo queue according to OP.GG. “Yuumi will probably reach 20% soloq win rate with this,” one commenter joked. However, others welcomed the change, not forgetting to state how much they dislike the champion. 

The Yuumi nerfs indeed look bad and only time will tell how negatively will they affect the champion.

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