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Published: January 11, 2022

Written by: David Kent

  • The Australian organization ORDER signs a deal with Riot Games
  • ORDER gains exclusive rights to all TFT esports events in Oceania until 2023
  • Riot is excited to see development in the OCE region

The oceanic TFT scene has a bright future ahead of it after ORDER signed an official partnership with Riot Games. This grants ORDER exclusive rights to all TFT esports events in Oceania until 2023.

ORDER and Riot Games Sign a Partnership

The Australian esports organization ORDER recently announced they are now partners with Riot Games, becoming the official OCE TFT esports event organizer until mid-2023. The signing of this contract will mean that ORDER will have responsibility for OCE TFT until the end of the eighth TFT expansion. The TFT rolls out expansions evet six months and is currently on its sixth stage.

Head of Events at ORDER Josh Swift sad in the announcement that the organization is “thrilled to expand the highly successful partnership between ORDER and Riot Games.” The news comes as a great relief to many in the sphere. Many see ORDER’s work as crucial for the development of a rapidly growing local esports sector.

ORDER has been in charge of the TFT events in the OCE region since set four, TFT: Fates. Before being entrusted to the Australian organization, the OCE region was combined with the North American region. The OCE region became independent from NA when ORDER took over, and after that, both the TFT OCE Fates champion “Razza” and TFT OCE Reckoning champion “Escha” have managed to make it to the finals of the TFT World Championship.

ORDER’s New Responsibilities

The contract means that ORDER will be responsible for the organization and running of the TFT esports in Oceania until the end of September 8 in 2023. “After the Galaxies Championship, ORDER worked hard to improve the competitive scene in Oceania,” Swift said in the announcement. “And, across Fates and Reckoning, we continued to work hard to bring the best possible experience to competitors.” Right now, ORDER have their hands full with the TFT: Gizmos & Gadgets competitive season in the OCE region.

Derek Dennis, NA & OCE Competitive TFT Lead at Riot Games, said that Riot has seen an incredible reaction from the Oceanic TFT community around the competitions that ORDER has organized. “We are excited to continue our partnership with ORDER through at least Set 8 and look forward to seeing a competitor from Oceania capture the World Championship in the near future,” he added.

ORDER will no doubt have their hands full in the coming months. There’s a possibility that local events will be relegated to only online play, much like Riot already did with the 2022 LEC Spring, but only time will tell that.

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