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Published: April 18, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Annie was present in all of the matches played in this year’s LEC Spring Groups
  • She dominated the mid lane when she was able to go past the ban phase
  • It seems she will continue being a constant presence in the upcoming MSI games as well

LEC 2023’s Spring Groups have concluded and after 24 games played, Annie emerged as the champion boasting a 100% pick and ban rate due to her strong game on mid.

Annie Was Present in All 24 Spring Group Games

Annie has been one of League of Legends’ most popular mid laners after she was buffed in Patch 13.3, so perhaps it should not be surprising that she was a popular puck during this year’s LEC Spring Groups. She has performed well both in solo queues, team fights, and competitive play.  

Most likely because of this, she was picked in all of the 24 games that were played during the Spring Groups. Even when Annie received a big nerf in Patch 13.7, alongside many other champions, she still performed well and was picked by players. In fact, the mid laner was in the picking queue in all of the 24 matches played during the circuit. 

Be it because of her reputation or her actual ability, Annie was a thorn in the sight of many teams, thus she was banned in all but four matches. In three of the matches that she was able to go past the banning phase, she was played on the mid lane and had a 100% win rate in them, according to League stats site Oracle’s Elixir. Annie’s only loss during the whole LEC Spring Groups stage was when she was picked to play support. 

It seems that Annie might continue to be present in all of the matches continuing forward. The Spring Groups will be followed by the Playoffs, which are being held until the end of this week. There will not be any changes to the champion during this time, which means she will maintain her prowess. Worse still for many players, the LEC Spring Playoffs are being played on Patch 13.6, so Annie isn’t even nerfed yet. She received a slight modification to her Molten Shield (E) in the current global Patch 13.7 of LoL, but this might have not made much difference in the Playoffs. 

Furthermore, it seems Riot will not be making much more changes to Annie, as she is not a part of the listed champions that will get nerfs in Patch 13.8. She will likely remain one of, if not the most picked and banned champions in the upcoming Mid-Season Invitational 2023, which starts on May 5. 

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