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Published: August 11, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Rekkless becomes the third major esports start to partner up with Nike
  • The aims are to promote a healthier lifestyle amongst gamers
  • Nike is diving further into the world of esports with its newest deals

Sports clothing brand Nike has revealed a partnership with League of Legends star Rekkles to promote its products and more exercise amongst gamers.

Nike and Rekkles Enter Partnership

We’ve all heard the stereotypes – gamers are lazy, out of shape, weak, and/or overweight. And while this may be exaggerated, it’s clear that gaming is not usually a very physically demanding hobby. And with many of us spending hours daily sitting in front of the PC or console, it’s perhaps not a bad idea for all of us to have at least a bit more exercise.

To promote a healthier lifestyle for gamers, Nike revealed a partnership with League of Legends esports star Martin “Rekkles” Larsson. Following Jian “Uzi” Zi-Ha and Felipe “brTT” Goncalves, Rekkles becomes the third sports pro to partner with Nike.

The partnership will see Nike and Rekkles unveil the company’s first exercise-focused esports partnership. The player was an easy choice for Nike as he has always loved playing traditional sports like football.

Because of this, Nike and Rekkles have created an app that will guide users toward pre-existing Nike products like planned workouts and guided runs. It also has a dedicated apparel section where fans can purchase a curated selection of Nike sportswear.

“I have natural focus, but staying sharp takes drive and repetition,” Rekkles said. “Power is work that pays off. If I make it look easy, it’s probably because I took the hard way to get there.”

Many esports professionals already have dedicated fitness regimens that aim to help them build better endurance for those long gaming sessions, as well as quicken their reflexes. Nike and Rekkles’ collaboration aims to include fans and casual players in this more active lifestyle.

Nike Is Investing More in the World of Esports

This is not Nike’s first foray into esports as a whole. Back in 2018, the company signed a multi-year partnership with the LPL, providing jerseys and even shoes for the region’s players. The same year, Nike also signed an endorsement deal with the previously-mentioned League of Legends player Jian “Uzi” Zi-Ha who was featured alongside Chinese actor Bai Jingting and NBA player LeBron James.

Of course, Nike is a sportswear company, and as specialized sportswear is becoming more and more prominent among professional gamers, the company is seeing the potential for development. Fans also want a piece of the action, preferring to dress like their idols. This is why earlier this year Nike partnered with CS:GO tournament operator BLAST for a limited run of streetwear-style apparel, which will become available later this month on August 19.

Although the main goal of the deal between Nike and Rekkles is to bring more traffic to the company’s products, it’s still a good thing to remind ourselves that a bit of extra exercise doesn’t hurt.

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