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Published: July 13, 2021

Written by: Barney

  • Following poor performance earlier this year, Nexplay is once again back into Wild Rift
  • The company dropped its previous roster and is now looking for replacement players 
  • Nexplay will count on adaptability and flexibility in recruiting talented gamers who can help the organization succeed

Wild Rift is stirring organizations into prompt action as Nexplay Esports is back with tryouts for its future, a new team in the game. 

Nexplay to Charge Right Back at Wild Rift 

Nexplay Esports is now officially recruiting for its newly-announced Wild Rift tryouts. After dropping the news on Monday, Nexplay has taken the next logical step in breaking into the competitive Wild Rift community that is finding the right players for the job. 

While Cloud9 was more casual about the recruiting process, Nexplay Esports is keen on finding a top crop of esports players who are capable of adapting quickly to the meta, make sure they have a strong grasp of the current game, and are flexible in their positions. 

While Wild Rift is far from being the most cut-throat competitive game out there, teams seem to be approaching it seriously. Nexplay Esports is confident that it will attract sufficient interest for its roster, and as such, it’s going to hold tryouts, making it one of the earliest adopters in the region and definitely in the Philippines. 

Time to Turn a New Wild Rift Page 

Nexplay first ran with a Wild Rift in the PPGL 2021 Summer Split, but poor performance prompted the organization to drop players and reconsider its stance on the game. With Wild Rift proving a developing title, though, Nexplay has decided to keep pushing in what could be one of the most significant mobile esports titles in the future.

Nexplay Esports may be betraying an appearance of only shortlisting hardcore gamers, but according to the organization’s Head of Business, Rob Son, pretty much anyone who is focused on progressing in the game and can cope with the current meta will be an ideal candidate. 

“This search for young blood would allow us to sift through the players from skillful and persevered ones, who are willing and have the capability to pursue and adapt things through including CHANGE. It’s not just the skillful ones or intelligent ones who survive, and it’s the one who can ADAPT,” the message from Son reads. While there seem to be high expectations from the candidates, Nexplay keeps an open mind. 

Cloud 9 and Nexplay are hardly the only ones gunning for Wild Rift. Team SoloMid FTX announced that it is similarly looking to break into the game. 

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