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Published: June 23, 2021

Written by: Hannah

  • A new event will be coming for Riot’s titles starting next month
  • It will be called Sentinels of Light and will tie in together Riot’s various titles
  • The event will begin on July 8 and will see the release of a new playable champion

Riot Games have cleverly hidden the announcement of their new event behind tricky puzzles. The community quickly solved them and learned the exciting news of what’s to come. 

A Unique Event to Tie Runeterra and VALORANT Together

League of Legends’ storyline will be continuing as Riot Games subtly announced a new in-game event is coming soon. It will be called Sentinels of Light and will continue the exciting story of Riot’s globally popular MOBA game. 

The event will begin on July 8 and is supposed to last about a month. This time the update will feature more than performance updates and will plunge players into a whole new storyline. 

Riot wanted to make the reveal exciting and didn’t merely announce the event – instead, the game development company put a mini-puzzle on their side that had a link hidden behind an image of Viego, the Ruined King. The link led players through other mini-tasks where they had to find two passwords before finally arriving at a page featuring a highly detailed promotional artwork for Sentinels of Light as well as pieces of information about the game’s new playable character. 

The full extent of the event is not yet known, but we can expect announcements to follow in the next few days. The event will affect not only League of Legends but Riot Games’ other titles as well. Those will include League of Legends: Wild RiftTeamfight Tactics, and Legends of Runeterra. Apparently, even VALORANT will get a share of the event, although it is not yet known how the two different universes will interact. It is exciting to see how this crossover will play out. 

Akshan Joins The Champion Roster

Akshan is mentioned in a paragraph of lore hidden in the web page’s source code. It is a message that read the following:

“To the Sentinels— In the event of my death, I appoint Akshan as my successor, to inherit my weapon and keep Shurima protected from the forces of undeath. May you one day find us, Shadya.”

From this, it becomes hinted that Akshan is a Sentinel of Light who origins by the sandy in-game location of Shurima – a once-great civilization that has now declined. 

Akshan will wield an unorthodox crystal-looking weapon that is apparently inherited by the message’s author Shadya. 

Sentinels of Lights sounds like an exciting event that will continue the game’s storyline. The company has been switching to a more story-driven approach, especially considering the announcement of Arcane. Moreover, the crossover part sounds like a good way for Riot to introduce fans to its other titles. 

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