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Published: September 25, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Riot Games is adding some quality-of-life features with LoL’s next patch
  • Players will be able to see on the sidebar when champions cast certain global abilities
  • Testers have already praised the feature for its ease of use and accessibility

League of Legends’ new display champion sound notification will bring a much-needed quality-of-life change to the game’s ping system ahead of the World Championship 2023.

Riot Tests New Features

League of Legends’ World Championship is approaching fast so Riot Games are busy preparing Patch 13.19, on which the tournament will be played. The latest information on what the patch will introduce to LoL is about a lot of quality-of-life updates. Perhaps the most anticipated one of these is a new display champion sound notifications on their screens for global abilities.

The feature, which is currently being tested on the public beta environment (PBE), will appear next to the kill callouts. Testers have already commended Riot Games for this addition, pointing out how it will really help players with hearing disabilities. The feature will also be useful for those players who have a hard time distinguishing the sounds of abilities cast by champions using a different skin.

“I believe it is the right thing to do. Games should always be designed in a way people hearing impaired can play at the same level. Same goes for color-blind design that everything should still function in b&w (Black and white),” wrote one player in a Reddit post (now deleted) discussing the new QOL updates. “Wow, actually a good change. Perhaps they do occasionally cook things over at Riot HQ,” another one added.

This update might seem like a minor change but it will likely have large consequences for the flow of the game, especially considering how pro players play. It will benefit both the general pool of payers, as well as the professionals. The former will benefit from the more user-friendly interface, while the latter will likely utilize it a lot when it comes to the close teamwork and split-second decisions often seen on the major stage. Furthermore, viewers of the Worlds, and other tournaments, will have an easier time following what’s going on on the screen.

Another update that Riot is planning for Patch 13.19 is a nerfing of Azir. Last year’s Worlds were very heavy on the champion, seeing him being played in many games, causing there to be less variety in the team compositions. To avoid this, Riot is nerfing Azir in the hopes that he will be picked fewer times by the pros during this year’s tournament.

League of Legends’ Patch 13.19 will be rolled out on September 27, just two weeks after the start of the World Championship 2023.

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