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Published: November 15, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Neon talks about how difficult or easy professional play can be
  • He explained its strange for League players to compare their jobs
  • “I don’t think pro players get to complain their work is too hard,” he said

A series of Tweets by pro League player Vulcan prompted Neon to say that competitors have it easy. 

LoL Pros Have It Easy, According to Neon

There are many myths surrounding what having an esports career actually is like. Many say that esports players do nothing – they just play video games all day and get huge amounts of money for that. On the opposite side, other people say that being a professional esports player is very stressful and difficult, as they often have tight schedules, rigorous training regimes, and have to put many hours into their job. 

Perhaps there is some truth to all of these arguments, but all of them miss one crucial point – the difficulty of an esports player’s job can vary a lot, depending on many factors. This includes the level they’re playing at, the organization they are a part of, and of course, the game they are actually playing. 

One great way to figure out what pro players actually do, is to hear directly from them. In a recent stream, professional LoL player Matúš “Neon” Jakubcík said that League of Legends pros “have it easy”. “It’s really funny when League pros compare their jobs and say how hard they are working when you have legit three months of offseason where, in theory, you don’t have to work,” he said.  “So, it’s like, I don’t think pro players get to complain their work is too hard.”

Neon Responds to Vulcan’s Tweets

Neon’s words did not come out of nowhere but were instead made in a response to a couple of tweets by fellow League pro Philippe “Vulcan” Laflamme. It’s been yet another year when North American teams did not go past the group stage of the World Championship and many fans have been critical of the NA players’ skills. Frustrated by this, Vulcan made a few tweets, mocking the large majority of the League fanbase that believes it has a right to criticize and ridicule pro players. 

Vulcan thought his initial tweet was somewhat crude, so the following day he put some context to it. He explained that he got worked up over this because the fans deemed the entire region as lazy gamers that don’t want to put the work in. Vulcan also added that professional players train all year round, so many casual players do not understand. 

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