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Published: February 28, 2021

Written by: Barney

  • A new, potentially leaked image on the LoL Esports media center reveals Reykjavik as a potential host destination for MSI 2021
  • Riot Games have not commented on whether the Mid-Season Invitational is taking place in the Icelandic capital
  • The city would make a good middle-ground for participants and fans from North America and Europe

A new leaked image on the LoL Esports media center suggests that Reykjavik may play host to this year’s MSI 2021. 

MSI 2021 Potentially Heading to Iceland

League of Legends live events, a long-time staple of competitive gaming, may finally be returning following a difficult 2020. Suspension of global travel has forced Riot Games to reconsider numerous events, including the 2020 Mid-Season Invitational, and with World Championship taking place in front of a paltry crowd. 

Now, though, a new leak from Riot Games’ LoL Esports media center suggests that the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational may be played in a physical location and in Iceland’s capital Reykjavik at that. 

The image has generated a lot of social chatter, fueling speculation that Iceland would play host to one of the key events on the competitive League of Legends circuit, and it makes sense, too. 

Picking a Good Middle-Ground 

Apparently, Riot isn’t looking to bring huge crowds back right away but rather allow fans to start trickling in across stadiums to watch League of Legends games live. Iceland currently posts the lowest Covid-19 infection rates in Europe, thanks to its isolationist nature, but then again, limited tourism is allowed.

Iceland is also a good middle-ground between North America and Europe, broadly speaking, allowing hardcore fans, and especially participants and staff, to fly in and participate in the mid-season showdown. Iceland’s time zone is also a tad better for North American and European crowds compared to the 2020 World Championship held in Shanghai, which made for odd viewing hours.

The leaked image shows MSI 2021 signage against a backdrop of the Icelandic city though it should not stoke hopes too high, as the pandemic is continually evolving, meaning that things remain as fluid as ever.  

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