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Published: December 15, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Preparations for the LEC are in full swing
  • Recent rumors suggest Montpellier will be the host city of the LEC finals
  • Its Sud de France Arena has the capacity and history for providing for such an event

As the start of the LEC 2023 comes closer, fans are trying to figure out where the finals of the circuit will be held.

Rumors Surround the LEC’s FInals

A new season of competitive League of Legends is coming soon and preparations for the various circuits are fast underway and this, of course, includes the League of Legends European Championship. Along with the format and match day changes of the LEC, Riot also needs to decide on the cities which will host the events, and according to recent rumors, the French city of Montpellier will be the sight of the LEC’s finals. 

The city in the south of France already has a long history with esports, hosting various events in many different games throughout the years. Montpellier’s Sud de France Arena has seen esports professionals from around the globe compete in various tournaments. Riot had previously confirmed that the city would be the home of the LEC’s semi-finals, but it seems the company had a change of mind.

According to sources from the French esports journal aAa, Riot has decided to host the LEC’s finals instead of its semi-finals in the city. With a capacity for more than 10 000 viewers, the Sud de France Arena definitely has the space for a grand event such as the LEC finals. 

Riot has not yet confirmed nor denied these rumors, but considering Montpellier’s history with hosting grandiose esports events, it’s highly possible that the rumors are true.

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