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Published: January 19, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • She has posted an impressive 54% win rate since the launch of Patch 14.1
  • This has resulted in her becoming both one of the most picked and most banned champions
  • Her dominance stems from an indirect buff related to the new item changes

Miss Fortune has been dominating the upper ranks thanks to the new item meta and is being helped by no less than six different supports.

Miss Fortune Changes the Meta

It is not uncommon for a League of Legends patch to see several champions go ahead of everyone else in terms of performance and essentially dictate the meta at the time. With the start of the new year came Patch 14.1 and it is no exception to the trend we’ve seen many times. One of the most dominant champions on the field right now turned out to be Miss Fortune, who is currently leading the way for all AD carries in League solo queue.

The Bounty Hunter boasts some astounding numbers, both on her own and playing along with a friend. According to League tracking website U.GG, she currently scores an almost 53% win rate in the Platinum ranks and higher with different supports, including Maokai, Blitzcrank, Rakan, Leona, Bard, and Janna.

Of course, this domination hasn’t gone unnoticed by players, as they have taken steps to try and curb Miss Fortune’s dominance on the Summoner’s Rift, resulting in the champion having a relatively high 13% ban rate. Despite that, many others seem to want to exploit the meta before Riot Games fixes it, so Miss Fortune also has a whopping 18% pick rate currently. She is also the most-played champion in the game across all ranks with more than two million games played globally, making her the go-to pick for most marksmen players in the game.

Why Is Miss Fortune so OP Right Now?

Patch 14.1’s item changes are to be blamed for Miss Fortune’s dominance on the battlefield right now. They provided some indirect buffs to the champion, including a new change to Lethality that provided an earlier power spike than in previous patches when Lethality was given gradually throughout a game. This means that Miss Fortune gets a ton of damage off of her first two items alone as they give Lethality right when they are purchased.

The item changes significantly shifted the meta and Miss Fortune is not the only champion that has benefited from it. Another one is Fizz who has been dominating recently, despite receiving some nerfs in the 14.1B micropatch. A huge part of his domination is due to the new Strormsurge item, which is to be nerfed soon.

Back to Miss Fortune, she does have an Achilles heel right now. As AD carry Doublelift explained, she is vulnerable to crowd control and assassins as she is forced to stand still during her ultimate ability. So assassins and crowd control abilities are the ones that can take her out quickly if the moment is right.

However, this is where the aforementioned supports come into play. Strong tanks with crowd control, like Maokai, Blitzcrank, and Leona can lock down enemies while the Bounty Hunter lines up her ultimate ability for some massive damage.

Riot Games is planning a huge item update for Patch 14.2, which will be released next week. The studio is aware of the current problems with the meta, so chances are Miss Fortune’s domination might soon end.

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