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Published: October 12, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • His idea will remove the Play-ins 
  • He says this will help get on with the main part of the event faster
  • MarkZ says this will give smaller teams more experience

In a recent online discussion, popular League of Legends caster Mark “MarkZ” Zimmerman suggested a radical way to “streamline” the Worlds. 

MarkZ Proposes New Format

Just like traditional sports, esports are also subject to change. Over the years, rules, formats, venues, etc. have always undergone modifications and the League of Legends World Championship is no exception. The latest change might come because of a proposition made by one of the most popular LoL celebrities – LCS caster and analyst Mark “MarkZ” Zimmerman.

In a recent discussion streamed online, the popular caster was talking with Travis Gafford and fellow caster Maurits “Chronicler” Jan Meeusen about some changes that could be coming to next year’s LEC. At about the 32-minute mark on the VOD uploaded to YouTube, MarkZ said “I’ve got a really f**king crazy idea. What if we just started Worlds? Just delete Play-Ins, and start Worlds.” 

He explained that this could streamline the experience which currently spends six days, with eight-game days and double best-of-fives. Instead of this, the caster suggests Riot should “Just f**king put four groups of six because there’s twelve and twelve, right? So, you just do Play-In teams, put them into four groups of six, and play a single round-robin best-of-one like we just did!”

What Would This Mean?

MarkZ said that a Knockout Stage, placed after the revamped Group Stage, could see the top three teams from each group placed into a double-elimination style bracket or something similar. This effectively means that the six teams will be separated into two brackets: the top two teams from each group will be placed in the upper bracket, with the four third-place teams being put into the lower bracket.

This format would also only last around 10 days instead of the usual 14 during the traditional Play-Ins and Group Stage. “Why do we devote so much tournament time to like what is objectively not the most entertaining part? But we still have major region and viewership concerns,” MarkZ added. 

His words were supported by his conversational partner Chronicler, who added that diluting the stage with all minor and major region teams will give minor region teams more experience playing against big-name organizations. Additionally, this proposition cuts down the current schedule for play-ins, which is “a lot” according to the casters. Only time will tell if Riot will take into consideration MarkZ’s propositions, but the company is already thinking of changes for the LEC 2023, meaning we might be seeing quite a different format for the Worlds next year.

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