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Published: January 17, 2022

Written by: David Kent

  • Against all odds, the MAD Lions managed to score a 2-1 victory against G2
  • G2 had their faith in Akshan and Kassadin
  • The MAD Lions countered this with careful but aggressive play and many skirmishes

The first weekend of the 2022 LEC has started and there was already an amazing turn of events.

The MAD Lions Win against All Odds

The first weekend of this year’s LEC has started with a bunch of riveting matches. G2, Fnatic, and Rogue all sit at the top with 2-1 records, while Excel, Astralis, and sit at 0-3. This year’s season certainly has much potential, but one match that sticks out with its amazing unforeseen turn of events is the one between MAD Lions and G2, which concluded with the former’s triumphant victory.

This came as somewhat of a surprise because the MAD Lions had a difficult and prolonged 55-minute slugfest against SK Gaming. On the other hand, G2’s morale was high as they won back-to-back victories vs. Excel Esports and Astralis. It seems, however, their momentum might have led them to underestimate the enemy, playing at least a partial role in their defeat.

How Did the Game Go?

As with their other matches, G2 had faith in their Akshan play, yet it seems this has failed them in the end. This should have worked well for them, considering their previous performance. G2 also chose Kassadin for mid-lane, who has quite a powerful late-game build. In essence, the MAD Lions were racing against time to beat G2 before the latter has the opportunity to feed their Kassadin.

The Lions did this with the aid of champions like Ornn, Thresh, and Jarvan IV. This allowed them to quickly pick separate fights and start skirmishes. One has to give credit to the Lions’ novice AD carry UNF0RGIVEN, who managed to make seven kills with just three deaths with the aid of his strong frontline. For this amazing performance, the 21-year-old Swedish player won Player of the Game. At the end of the 27-minute-long game, the MAD Lions stood victorious. Their fast thinking and relentless harassing attacks allowed them to keep G2’s champions at bay, while still preserving their own lives and nod feeding the enemy Kassadin and Akshan.

The LEC has just begun, and many more fascinating games are awaiting viewers. Fans can see both teams in action again when the LEC continues on Friday, January 21.

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