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Published: March 16, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The streamer thinks the MSI will be “doomed” after the patch releases
  • He says the current meta is not being changed enough
  • LS gave examples of how the viable champion pool becomes smaller with each season

Popular Streamer Nick “LS” De Cesare thinks Riot Games are not doing enough to shake up League’s current meta, which will have a negative impact on the Mid-Season Invitational in May.

LS Criticizes New Patch

This spring’s League of Legends’ Mid-Seasonal Invitational will be played on the game’s upcoming Patch 13.6, which will introduce a lot of changes to the game when it’s released next week on March 22. However, despite Patch 13.6 adding a new champion and having yet another Yuumi rework, alongside a ton of other changes, not everyone seems to be that excited. 

In fact, the popular Lol streamer Nick “LS” De Cesare went so far as to say that the MSI is “doomed” because the next League patch would not change enough. He reviewed the update’s patch notes on his March 15 stream and shared his honest opinion on the update. According to the streamer, Patch 13.6 does not do enough to shake up the “stale” meta, which will have a negative impact on the MSI. 

“It means that the meta we have been seeing for the last four months will remain the same exact meta for MSI,” LS said. “That is extremely depressing because this is the most stale and stagnant and depressive state of League of Legends that we’ve ever had.”

The streamer explained that competitive League of Legends is suffering because the poo of champions is getting slimmer and slimmer with every season. LS said that in the current meta, there is nothing stopping players from abusing some combinations like Lucian and Nami or Zeri and Lulu in the bot lane. He also explained that with the next patch’s changes champions like Vayne won’t return as an AD carry but will instead return as a mid or top laner. 

LS was also eager to underline how some bot lane champion duos remain untouched by the developers while they can “literally destroy competitive viewing experience”. This is going on while other champions are given way too much attention, like Veigir, whose pick and win rate spiked in one update and now he’s immediately getting nerfed. 

This reminds us of another champion that seems to be having a lot more attention, this update included – Yuumi. Many fans have even said Yuumi’s reworks are a failure and think Riot should just leave the cat and focus on other champions.

“It’s very confusing why Riot doesn’t take a harder stance on some champions that are actually causing a lot of problems,” LS said. But considering Patch 13.6 drops in less than a week, LS’s concerns will not reach the company soon enough.

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