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Published: February 14, 2023

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • The League of Legends personality explains why the LCS is better than ever
  • LS thinks the new player segments add a lot more engaging content
  • He also admits that Riot may sometimes make mistakes

The LCS has always come under flak from fans but League of Legends personality LS came in to explain why and how Riot has made this year’s iteration the best there was.

LS defends LCS

Riot Games has been trying to mix up things with the LCS but often times their efforts get criticized by fans. However, there are those who think this year’s LCS is the best one there is. This is what League of Legends esports personality Nick “LS” De Cesare thinks and he recently talked about what makes the current LSC great.

As a guest on Travis Gafford’s podcast, LS, who is often labeled as a “negative LCS persona” by fans, described why the region is way better than in previous years. The 29-year-old former Cloud9 coach praised Riot’s initiatives to make the North American league more immersive and attractive to watch. “I think the stage looks really nice. It helps get immersive in watching,” LS said. “The segments that they did, like I was a really big fan of the QTCinderella segment.”

One aspect LS particularly likes about the current iteration of the LCS is the integration of full segments on individual players during breaks – something Riot has never done before for the North American league. “I think the direction of going that route in a lot of ways is good,” LS said. “Full-blown segments on the actual players are all really good.”

LS thinks that segments like this make broadcasts more engaging and more noticeable and a relief to watch. Another factor that works well for the LCS’s viewer engagement this year is the fact that there are currently no guaranteed top-four teams on the LCS leaderboard, making for an unexpected competition. 

“There are enough fun storylines even with like some of the bottom teams that have like big names,” LS said. “Like Dignitas completely floundering about, Team Liquid trying to figure out what’s going on, and everything going on with CLG, I mean LCS is interesting in that regard.”

Of course, even LS sees that Riot does not always land it well with its new player segments. He acknowledges there was recently a controversy regarding a Doublelift segment about the player and his former team that evolved into tome Internet drama. LS said that this drama was unnecessary and it “doesn’t actually translate into anything. It’s just like people have to take mental blows and it’s almost for naught. It just feels really brutal.”

Despite all that, LS thinks that this year will definitely be the LCS’s greatest season so far. 

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