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Published: February 22, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Team WE have been performing poorly this LPL season with grim prospects to rank up
  • Bilibili Gaming have had their difficulties but they are poised to win the series on Thursday
  • However, WE have a chance to secure a single game victory which could create value for esports bettors

Team WE will be going up against Bilibili Gaming in Week 6 of the LPL Spring Split 2022. The two teams are diametrically opposed in their seed with WE bringing up the rear of the event and sitting #16. BLG is currently seeded #6 and is expected to take a flawless victory against WE.

WE vs Bilibili Odds (February 24, 2022)

  • WE: 4.84
  • EDG: 1.11

WE vs Bilibili Date & Stream

  • Date: Thursday, February 24
  • Time: 11:00 + 2 GMT
  • Watch: Twitch

WE Betting Preview (Feb 24, 2022)

Can Team WE put up a fight in the competition? Alas, Team WE have not been putting too much of a fight so far. They lost seven out of eight series, which makes them better than only ThunderTalk Gaming. For all intents and purposes, WE are looking at an off-season here and they would need to use the 2022 season to rethink their strategy and what can be done to improve their game.

With a 13% win rate, the team is definitely struggling. They lost 15 out of 19 games, which is only slightly better than the last team. Interestingly in six weeks of play WE have not had the chance to play BLG, but even then, there are clear trends in the team’s play that allow us to guess the outcome of Thursday’s series.

WE will struggle, but the real question here is if they can at least rally to pry away a single victory and push the series over 2.5 maps. This is the real question everyone is asking here.

Bilibili Betting Preview (Feb 24, 2022)

Bilibili Gaming aren’t the best team in the LPL Spring Split either, but they are #6 and they have fought hard to get to this point. The team is constantly improving and has won five out of eight series and 13 out of 21 games.

BLG, though lost to iG in Week 5 which was anti-climactic. Seeded #12, iG should not have been much trouble. Because of this loss and conceding games to some other teams, we believe BLG’s playstyle will probably allow WE to test the chinks in BLG’s armor. There is a lot to gain out of that.

Clearly you won’t be able to gain any value betting BLG to win outright at (1.14), but if Team WE succeeds in stretching the series, there is value to be had still if you are a sports bettor.

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