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Published: February 22, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • V5 and Edward Gaming are facing off in one of the most anticipated games of LPL Week 6
  • V5 are posted as the underdog but they are unlikely to go down without a fight stretching the series to Game 3
  • We are tempted to back V5 as the favorite to win here, but this is a risky selection that isn’t backed by facts

One of the most exciting games this week will be the upcoming clash between Victory 5 and Edward Gaming. The teams are seeded #1 and #4 in the current standing and both post 88% win rate.

Neck-and-neck for this LPL Spring Split’s first place, the two squads will be bringing their best game on Wednesday, February 23 in a bid to show what they are worth and how they intend to win the upcoming bout. We take a look at why Victory 5 makes such as great underdog to back.

V5 vs EDG Odds (February 23, 2022)

  • V5: 2.40
  • EDG: 1.45

OMG vs Rare Atom Date & Stream

  • Date: Wednesday, February 23
  • Time: 13:00 + 2 GMT
  • Watch: Twitch

V5 Betting Preview (Feb 23, 2022)

A quick look at Victory5’s current standing will show you that we are looking at a team that is clearly prepared to continue dominating the LPL pecking order this year. They are in a great position and are very likely to keep on winning. Overall, the team has been able to win 15 out of 23 games, securing all but one in eight series.

V5 have posted consistently good results and the team has just emerged victorious after their smooth game against LGD. However, V5 still has some weaknesses some observers believe. The fact they are given (2.40) reflects on the to-and-fro that sometimes happens during their games. However, V5 are a team that thinks quick on their feet.

Even though they sometimes concede games to lower-tier teams, they seldom lose series to them. In fact, they have withstood some of the toughest teams in the LPL, but lost to #2 seeded team from Weibo Gaming. With this in mind, we still think that V5 can offer some excellent value in terms of betting potential. Let’s keep looking.

EDG Betting Preview (Feb 23, 2022)

Edward Gaming have had a very clear run so far. Unlike V5, they have mostly sealed their series in clean-cut 2-0 games. Out of 17 games played, 14 have resulted in a win for EDG. Interestingly, they lost to WBG as well, which is the common denominator here. However, V5 took away a single win but EDG just couldn’t find a way to tackle WBG’s offensive.

Nevermind this, Edward Gaming are a formidable team and there is nothing to suggest that their performance has deteriorated over the past weeks. If anything, they have been getting better at reaffirming their status as one of the leading players out there. But they won’t have what it takes to take out V5 in one clear run. Rather, the team is likely to struggle.

We can’t tell you to bet on V5 to win the series here, although we are tempted to do so ourselves. However, we do recommend betting on Over 2.5 as this upcoming series is likely to stretch to the third game.

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