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Published: February 21, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Royal Never Give Up are posted as overwhelming favorites for the upcoming game on Tuesday
  • Rare Atom are coming into the series with two victories in Week 5 and they will try to retain this
  • RNG are almost certain to win, but it’s unlikely they would do so with a clear 2-0 sweep

Royal Never Give Up have been onto a good thing. Rare Atom still has some rough edges to polish. There is no more time though as the two teams will be meeting in a head-to-head battle on Tuesday, February 2022 in the LPL Spring Split 2022.

The odds favor RNG by a good margin at (1.11). Then you have Rare Atom who have been putting up a fight and listed at (4.84) for the upcoming series. Can we expect Rare Atom to pull a surprising comeback and foil RNG’s plans of ranking up? Let’s find out.

RNG vs Rare Atom Odds (February 22, 2022)

  • RNG: 1.11
  • Rare Atom: 4.84

RNG vs Rare Atom Date & Stream

  • Date: Friday, February 22
  • Time: 13:00 + 2 GMT
  • Watch: Twitch

RNG Betting Preview (Feb 22, 2022)

Royal Never Give up have been playing a great season. They are some of the best teams presently in the LPL but they would need to make sure they secure a rank-up. This is not going to be easy in the current context of the LPL, but RNG know that beating Rare Atom is what could give them a nice leg-up in the overall standings.

However, the team, which has won 15 out of its last 24 games, will most likely lose at least a single game in the upcoming bout. Rare Atom seem to be too well-poised and adaptable to surrender in a single 2-0 sweep, which means that RNG would need to play at their best. Secure a smooth run will be better on RNG’s portfolio and at odds of (1.11) we really think there is nothing stopping Royal from winning, but don’t be mistaken to think that Rare Atom would go without a fight.

Rare Atom Betting Preview (Feb 22, 2022)

This won’t be the drubbing the odds suggest it would be. Atom Rare is likely going to lose the series, there is no denying that, but so far as other factors go, esports fans need to prepare for a slightly different scenario. Atom Rare is most likely going to win a single game against their opponents. The team has won nine out of 21 games and this is not much, but it’s not a negligible score as well.

They have 38% win rate, which is not too bad, especially when you consider the fact that RNG isn’t the best team in the current split. Rare Atom are also riding a two-victory wave so this should always come into consideration when making your next bet.

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