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Published: February 21, 2022

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • OMG is posted as the heavy favorite for the Wednesday game against Ultra Prime
  • Ultra Prime is most likely going to put a fight and possibly pry away a victory
  • Players are very welcome to

The teams of Oh My God and Ultra Primer will meet on Wednesday, February 23 in LPL Spring Split Week 6. Both teams want to do better and both teams are hopeful that they can bring a meaningful change to their fortunes this season. Yet, only one may be victorious in the Bo3 series.

The oddsmaker have OMG as the heavy favorite for this one at odds of (1.37). Whether this is actually a good estimate of the team’s chances of success is another matter altogether. We have taken a closer look to find out.

OMG vs Ultra Primer Odds (February 23, 2022)

  • OMG: 1.37
  • Ultra Prime: 2.65

OMG vs Rare Atom Date & Stream

  • Date: Friday, February 23
  • Time: 11:00 + 2 GMT
  • Watch: Twitch

OMG Betting Preview (Feb 22, 2022)

Oh My God are looking strong this season, but the team still leaves a lot to be desired. They are currently at 50% win rate in the LPL Spring Split and have won 13 out of their last 23 games. This is not too bad, and when it comes to pure game count, OMG are clearly capable of delivering the desired results. Whether this will continue to be the case moving forward is another matter altogether.

Luckily for them, they will play with a lower-seed team and they do have a chance of securing the series. The odds are definitely not great here from a betting standpoint, but you may still find value even if OMG are set to win.

Ultra Prime Betting Preview (Feb 22, 2022)

Ultra Prime has been struggling and a lot. The team has 25% success rate, but it has been able to pry away many games against their opponents. Overall, Ultra Prime is sitting at eight victories out of 21 games, which is not too bad. In fact, even Edward Gaming has been unable to defeat Ultra Primer in clear 2-0 sweeps, so there is a good chance that this game is going to stretch three games in.

It is still possible for UP to slip and get completely overwhelmed by OMG, but we believe the skill gap between these two teams is not too great. However, please bear in mind that OMG have a better track record in acting well under pressure whereas UP’s own experience has been all over the place.

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