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Published: September 29, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Toxic LoL players now have to play “remedial” matches in casual before they can return to ranked
  • However, this has flooded ARAM with many tryhard and frustrated players
  • This makes otherwise casual games just as toxic as the ones from which the penalized players come

Sometimes when people want to do good, they can make things worse, and it seems this is the case with Riot and the new anti-toxicity measures they have recently implemented in LoL.

Players Are Frustrated

Every game has some toxic parts of its community, and League of Legends is no exception to that rule. Riot Games has been trying for years to curb the phenomenon, but results have not been satisfactory. This is why the company recently started a new anti-toxicity initiative but it also comes with its problems.

As of Patch 13.19, players who have repeatedly been found to be toxic in ranked matches, need to complete remedial non-ranked matches with “improved behavior” before they can return. Unfortunately, this seems to have made the ARAM and normal Summoner’s Rift games unbearable.

The problem is that when a ranked player is penalized, they have to go and mingle with casual players until they can once again return to ranked. This has a couple of negative effects on the community as a whole: firstly, it puts more competitive players against casual ones, which kind of ruins the game for the latter. Second, the penalized players often take out their ranked frustrations in ARAM and normal Rift games.

“Aram games are FLOODED with people having ranked penalties running it down to lose as quickly as possible just so they can return to their beloved ranked games,” one League fan complained in a  Reddit post. “It has to be either changed into a separate queue so these animals would be all playing against each other without ruining normal people’s games or changed into WINS instead of GAMES, it’s better if they tryhard instead of running it down to lose as fast as possible,” they then proposed how this system could be changed.

Many players agreed with the player and the post gained thousands of likes in just 12 hours since it was up. A lot of League of Legends fans said the situation is worsened by the fact that ARAM is the mode where they can chill with friends and have fun without dealing with tryhards.

“Throwing them into normal queue was the worst idea. It’s been echoed everywhere but throw them into their own queue where they have to deal with their own shit,” one disgruntled fan wrote. “It’s frustrating constantly being a positive player and having to deal with punished people nearly every game. It feels like Riot is punishing me for not being toxic by forcing the toxic folk into my games.”

Players suggested many other solutions to the problem, such as creating a separate queue for penalized players or just banning them. Regardless of what the actual solution is, it’s clear something should be done soon.

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