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Published: March 28, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The game had a problem with mana dropping after receiving Biscuits
  • Devs “fixed” it but allowed players to exploit the problem to gain infinite mana
  • The latest micro patch brought back the initial problem

In an attempt to fix the infinite mana exploit from a few days ago, Riot devs have re-introduced the problem that they initially tried to solve.

Mana Glitch Is the Bane of Many

Popular video game titles like League of Legends receive constant updates, but that does not guarantee that devs would not make mistakes which will then be implemented in the game. This is exactly what seems to have happened after Riot released Patch 13.6. The new update introduced a glitch that allows players to gain infinite mana. 

The reason for this glitch seems to be made after Riot attempted to fix a previous problem with the game. There used to be an error that occurred if a user decided to undo items after receiving Biscuits. Each undone item made the player lose 80 max mana. Riot tried to fix this in Patchy 13.6, only to swing too much in the other direction and to make an exploit allowing players to gain infinite mana.

The glitch was covered by popular League content creator Vendril. He showed that players can now repeatedly increase their max stamina by 40 by undoing the Biscuit of Everlasting Will item. This caught the attention of the Riot dev team, who said they will immediately start working on the problem. A fix came a few days later, only to introduce an even bigger glitch to the game.

Glitch Swings the Opposite Way

The micropatch to fix the infinite mana exploit went live quite quickly, but now it once again works in the opposite way. Now, if players undo item purchases after getting a biscuit their mas mana decreases. The devs have announced they are well aware of the bug and are currently working on a solution, although this might take time.

Fortunately for many, undoing item purchases after getting a biscuit isn’t something done often, meaning players shouldn’t be affected that much. Another good thing is that at least this time it cannot be abused by others to enhance their maximum mana pool. It’s advisable if you were aiming to play League right now, to not pick the Biscuit Delivery rune in your upcoming games.

This back-and-forth of the glitches, naturally, annoyed many fans. Many, however, didn’t miss the opportunity to make jokes about the situation, the devs, and the code. There is something quite ironic about tweaking the original glitch in a way that causes negative effects in the opposite way.

League’s next big patch, 13.7, is scheduled to release on April 5. The devs will most likely launch another micro patch in the following days to fix the current issue, but even if that does not work, fans will have to wait for the full Patch 13.7 to iron out the mana glitch.

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