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Published: May 7, 2021

Written by: Edward Pearcey

  • Riot Games has announced the return of LEC Summer Split, scheduled for June 11
  • The event will follow the MSI grand finals taking place in late May 6, 2021
  • Fnatic, Rogue and others will start fresh in the latest competitive circuit in Europe

The pandemic has not stayed League of Legends’ competitive drive and Riot Games have just announced that the 2021 LEC Summer Split will be starting in June.

LEC Returns in Early June

Riot Games continues to heap on the good news with the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational just around the corner and a newly-announced 2021 LEC Summer Split, which will be taking place in less than a month.

Scheduled for Friday, June 11, the event is looking to once again reunite the best teams in League of Legends and throw them in the crucible of cut-throat competition. This gives players about 14 days to prepare for the 2021 LEC Summer Split which will be coming with renewed strengths.

Riot Games is using the few weeks of quiet to roll out a bunch of patches, and returnees may end up playing on Version 11.11 which will be introduced on May 26, and give teams sufficient time to get used to any changes.

A New Starts for Elite Teams

Riot’s patching schedule is on track and the company has always had the players’ best interest at heart. Just this week, Riot reported that it had taken a unanimous decision to phase out ‘Breeze,’ a map for VALORANT, another flagship esports title, citing concerns that players would not have sufficient time to prepare for the upcoming VCT Masters Reykjavik.

LEC is a natural restart of competitive League of Legends in Europe, with many interesting teams to follow. The underwhelming Fnatic have a shot at redemption, while Rogue are probably going to push for another Worlds qualification this year.

Owing to the unique structure, we may see many shake-ups from the competitive scene in the weeks to follow, as teams are looking to give their rosters a fresh start and some players could potentially be hunting for new jobs.

The franchising model of competitive League of Legends has not always been praised, but it certainly provides some room for interesting developments nevertheless.

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