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Published: January 12, 2022

Written by: David Kent

  • SK Gaming will take on an impossible opponent in their opening game
  • Rogue will most likely secure the series and is posted at (1.33)
  • The series may still offer some interesting betting opportunities

After a somewhat slow LEC 2021 season, SK Gaming are back with no significant changes to their roster. They will be taking on Rogue, who are hands down the favorite to make the biggest impact on LEC in 2022.

Of course, there have been some changes to the rosters of both teams and hopes are that they won’t impact their gameplay significantly. Rogue is poised to win their opening game in the Spring Split, but there are still a few selections that may be of interest to you here.

LEC: SK vs Rogue Odds – January 14, 2022

  • SK Gaming to win (2.86)
  • Rogue to win (1.33)

Where to Watch SK vs Rogue

  • Twitch: LINK
  • YouTube: LINK
  • Time: 13:00 pm ET

SK Gaming Preview (Jan 14, 2022)

The big question here is if SK Gaming will break away from its disastrous run from last season. The team found itself under a lot of pressure in the Spring and Summer Splits in 2021 and finished #9 in the Summer Split, missing the playoffs. It did better in the Spring Split and Playoffs, finishing #6 on both occasions, so not too bad overall.

The team has long been an underdog in the LEC, and it may choose 2022 to start changing how people perceive it. One of the oldest gaming franchises out there, SK Gaming owes it to its fans. The team has introduced some changes to its roster with Gillius and Sertuss joining the squad, while the rest remain the same familiar faces. Can these two players pack a powerful enough punch to make a difference?  This remains to be seen.

Rogue Preview (Jan 14, 2022)

Rogue has long been the European hopes of reaching a Worlds final, but the team just didn’t last in the 2021 edition of the event, finishing #9-11. However, LEC has long been Rogue’s own stomping ground with the team securing #3 place in the Summer Playoffs and #1 in the Summer Split. With still some rough edges to polish, Rogue is evidently not a faultless team, but it is nevertheless one that comes very close to succeeding in just that.

The team has made no significant changes to its roster other than signing Comp in December 2021, and will be coming into the Spring Split on the fairly same and unchanged makeup of players. There is also the addition of DWG jungler Marlang, which is definitely a noteworthy change to the roster.

One fear here is that Marlang and Comp may not fit too well into the Rogue lineup, offering some moments of lack of focus. However, so far as you are concerned as a bettor, it doesn’t look that SK Gaming may cause a lot of damage here. However, we do think that there will be an intense exchange of kills all throughout the opening game, but Rogue would ultimately win the series.

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