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Published: October 9, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • It will run from October 24 until November 27
  • Unfortunately, Riot has not made much changes to the mode this time around
  • This has many fans concerned about the future of the game mode

Nexus Blitz is a temporary, short, and easy-to-learn game mode, but considering Riot Games has made zero changes to it, many players are worried it will not go well.

Nexus Blitz is Coming This Month

Over the years, League of Legends’s main game mode has not changed too much. It’s still being played on the same 3-lane map with the objective being to destroy the enemy team’s Nexus or make them surrender. However, this does not mean the game doesn’t have other game modes, nor that Riot has not experimented with other game modes.

One of these is Nexus Blitz, also called Project SLIME. It was an experimental mode that initially ran from July 31st to September 11th, 2018, and then two years later in 2020 from July 22nd until late August. The mode was easy to learn and relatively short, which all contributed to it being quite popular when it was available on public League of Legends servers.

Perhaps because of this, Riot Games recently announced that Nexus Blitz is returning this month. “Nexuses, will swing open its chaotic doors from October 24, 2023 at 8:00am PT for EUW, EUNE, RU, and TR, followed by 1:00 pm PT for all other regions,” Riot’s announcement reads. Like the previous times, the mode will be available for about a month, being taken out of the game on November 27.

Some Have Concerns

Despite the mode being hotly-anticipated by many, some fans also expressed concerns about it. Chief among these seems to be the fact that Riot has made zero changes to the mode, prompting many players to not stick around playing Nexus Blitz for too long. Some even argued this was done intentionally because Riot does not want to add the mode permanently to the game and is looking for excuses. “Change or fix nothing, claim the mode failed because of low player numbers, same as with TT, Odyssey and many others,” one comment under the Reddit thread discussing the news reads.

Other concerns that fans expressed about Nexus Blitz is snowballing. You’re simply more likely to win if you can get ahead early. Additionally, some spawn points can mean instant death for certain champions, and the winners’ rewards can sometimes be too overpowered and give the leading team too much of a crushing advantage.

Although Nexus Blitz can be a relatively casual mode, considering its short length and ease of getting into, many issues have prevented it from being super popular. Considering Riot has not changed anything this time around, it’s entirely possible the mode will die off in popularity.

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